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I answer to the name Saera. I am in my mid-twenties and proudly raised in the city of Melbourne, Australia. I am of Cambodian descent and a soon-to-be Nguyen.
The guy I'm gonna marry
I used to be a selfie-queen (self-proclaimed LOL) and take a bajillion selfies. Nowadays, I rarely get the chance to wear makeup, unless upon special outings and occasions. I've turned into a fitness enthusiast and a complete gym junkie, so I mainly focus on taking body-selfies for progress purposes.  I am not shy to show you my body image but if you saw me out on the street, I am always completely covered and conservative.

I usually am an honest person and if I feel the need I will use very cursive language because I fucking can. It just helps me relieve stress for some odd reason (no joke, you should try it). I love writing because it's the only form of expression that I love even if I'm not even completely coherent.
Fushimi Inari in 2014
I've traveled to South Korea and Japan quite often in the last 3-4 years because frankly, I am completely in love with the food and culture. Plus, I have amazing friends that I miss very dearly and love to bother them so much to make me fat. Japan is my second home then South Korea. Even if I haven't been in a while, I still can memorise my way to places.

I studied Professional Writing and Editing. However, I got sick of being told there really isn't much of a future in it and that you have a set guideline you need to follow in order to write a successful story. Personally, that's bullshit. You write whatever makes you happy and connect with the readers, entertain them so they can feel a sense of escapism. That personally, is my own belief of what a writer should aspire to do.

I also write Korean fan-fiction for pure entertainment. It could be naughty and it is rarely ever dark because I prefer the chaotic world to be painted with sunshine, rainbows and all that happy stuff. So go have a read if you want to get into a good mood.
My Kpop Idol husband, Lee Gi Kwang
I have a lot of ups and downs, emotional bullshit that gets to me but I learnt that no matter what happens to be thrown at me, I am better at being happy than I am with being sad. Except if it's a physical item that can do serious damage then we're on another page.

Hope you enjoy my blog, find it useful and I hope you find enjoyment or entertainment around!

Sorry for the ridiculous long and boring introduction. I love meeting new people and making new friends so please say hi!

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