10 January 2016

Happy 2016

Happy New Year dear bloggers and readers and world.

It's probably 9-10 days late but nonetheless, I am forever wishing everyone an amazing year ahead and hopefully this year is the year to tackle all your hopes and dreams. Grab them by the balls and own that shit.

A lot of has happened since I last posted. So, so much. I got married. To some of you, you'd probably say that its unofficial just because we haven't legally signed papers. Well, boohoo to you I just threw a really big party for no fucking reason. And guess what? I'm still fucking married and happy about it anyway. It's just an expensive piece of paper to say that I'm tied to one person. Maybe I'll just photoshop my own marriage certificate and charge myself.

Well, whatever is to be said about signing papers or not. We will get it done when we plan to. Not because its necessary.

I also went to Fiji's Denarau Island for a mini-moon and nope. No Fiji babies. We had a great time basking in the sun's rays, getting a tan, smoking and drink till our hearts content and travelled out to South Sea Island and Schooner Island.

My goals for this year are unsettled. So much business up in my head but I am hoping to be able to finish my Personal Training course before May and I'll continue to pray that my health and well-being continues being great for the rest of this year.

Aiming to: be happy, healthy, eat more, live more and hopefully lift more.