2 June 2015

Ticking off that list.

 It's been quite a while since I've updated anything in regards to my wedding. I really haven't been up to much but slowly and surely, we are ticking things off the list but we still have a long way to go till everything is actually complete.

Just recently, we've kind of publicly announced to our friends that we are, in fact, getting married. The response has been great and it really makes me look forward to the event even more! I've had friends message me, asking me if I needed help and advice which is definitely appreciated since I am literally rolling with the ball!
We've booked in our photographer for the day. I'm really happy and satisfied with it because Tony Pham is a really cool, laid-back and friendly guy and I think he would get along really well with my bridal party. Not to mention, he pretty much offers a decent package deal that suits our needs. We personally booked him because he also offered a Photo Booth service AND Guest Photo printouts on the spot. It's a Vietnamese tradition that we take a photo with all the guests and what better way than to have it printed out on the spot for you!
I've also gotten my second dress ordered along with some jewellery and gloves. It's a bit nerve-wrecking because of the particular style I chose and I went based off the measurements so hopefully it turns out okay and that it fits well so I don't look like a potato. I've received it however I had a problem fitting into it due to my body shape and my booty. So I had it sent back to be altered and hopefully it turns out to be a much better fit!
My wedding shoes!
I have also chosen my make-up artist and hair stylist. She happens to be a girl that I went to high school with and her work is amazing. Definitely check out Jenifer In's work via her Instagram. I will be going for a trial with her some time next week and will upload the before and after! I'm thoroughly excited!

I'm slowly getting excited though. My dear friend, Julie, is helping us with the design side of things (as you can see the illustration above) and she's helped us get a kickstart in everything in the design department. I honestly am so grateful for her help and she really makes me über excited about my own wedding. I was literally going to just wing everything but with her keen eye for design, I'm looking forward to the outcome of things!

I just have a few more things to organise. I need an ao dai, decorations, all the suits for the boys and of course the bridesmaid shoes before we slowly kick the ball down the hill. I'm so surprised that there is about 5.5 months left till d-day! I really need to get my butt moving with things!!
P.S. I just created these hangers last night for us and the bridal party. Are they not cute?

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