12 June 2015

REVIEW: Hairburst

Hey all,
This will be a very lengthy review but here goes nothing!
So, I've been in a long debate about these hair vitamins. I'm sure you would have all heard about Hairburst (previously known as Hairvits). They're a company based in the UK that boasts about providing optimal health and growth vitamins for your hair. Being a typical girl that struggles for long luscious hair, I've been wanting to give these babies a go. Now, before you get the wrong idea I was not sent these as a sponsorship etc. I purchased this three month supply with my own money.

I've been seeing these everywhere due to the fitness models that I follow on Instagram. They also have gorgeous and healthy looking hair. I did a bit of research via google, searching for peoples' personal blog reviews and YouTube channels. It still was hard for me to decide to spend that extra cash for something I'm somewhat sceptical about. But, I eventually convinced myself to do it anyway. A YouTuber put out a really good point. Imagine buying hair serums, moisturisers and heat protectors where the total will cost about $60 that only protects the outside of your hair. Whereas, this vitamin assists the problems from within. Just something that really put it into perspective.
I've been doing a lot of research on hair vitamins and I was down to two brands. Hairfinity or Hairburst. If you're wondering what made me choose Hairburst, well simply at the fact that they list their ingredients on their website and boast about them being all natural. What makes that so important? Well, personally I would like to know what crap I'm planning to swallow for a lengthy time, don't you? It just helps to know what actually aids the growth (like biotin, vitamin B, silica etc). I noticed, even though Hairfinity was significantly cheaper as a hair vitamin, they did not list any ingredients that they use for their supplements. I also looked through some reviews and although it promised hair growth, some people end up having their hair grow thinner. So that's my personal reason as to why I chose Hairburst.
The instructions are very simple. Take two tablets of Hairburst in the morning. Or if you are worried about the side effects, taking one tablet daily is just fine too. One thing I noticed that people would complain about these tablets was the smell of the supplement and the size. Personally, I had no problem with either. I've probably had worse smelling multivitamins, being the gym junkie I am LOL and as for size, the tablets are less than an inch and roughly 2cm in size (but you should see the size of my fish oils below!).
My fish oil VS Hairburst
I purchased my Hairburst batch on 22/Mar. It was despatched 24/Mar and I received it on 30/Mar. I was actually quite surprised at how fast it arrived. I was beyond excited to try it out but had forgotten about it. But I was happy with the fast service, given that its from the UK and that I expected it to take at least two weeks to get to my mailbox. The three month batch cost me $116AUD (57.38GBP) including shipping and if you purchase a monthly supply it will cost about $62AUD (24.99GBP). Most reviews said they started noticing changes within a month and had better results around the three month mark.
My damaged ends
So far, this is the state of my hair:
  • Natural wave
  • Chemically dyed and bleached, ends feel synthetic and plastic like
  • Looks dull and dry
  • Blow dry 3-5 times per week (only if I shower late)
  • Heating iron at least twice a week
  • Dry and split ends
  • Washing everyday due to sweating from gym
  • Thinning and falling out
  • Tied up everyday

WEEK ONE - April 09, 2015
I've started to notice that the texture of my hair feels a lot more hydrated and silky, you know that healthy kind of feel. My ends that normally feel tattered, fried and frayed are actually feeling a lot more smoother. They are still dry but feel less crappy and brittle than they usually do.
Also on a good note, my hair is usually frizzy. Since using the vitamins I've found it so much easier to rake my fingers through without it getting caught, even without prior brushing.
I've only used the hair iron once however I do still use a hair serum to help keep my hair tamed from frizz. I've also been using L'Oreal Elvive Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

WEEK TEN - June 12, 2015
It's been a good nine weeks since I've added anything into this text body but I'm certain that I am nearing the end of my three month period with Hairburst. Personally, it was hard for me to notice a significant difference as I always tied up my hair into a ponytail or into a bun due to my gym training regime. But also whenever my hair happened to be down, it was too wavy for me to even notice.

Honestly, the texture of my hair did end up feeling much better over the course of the weeks. But I did happen to notice that regardless of what I did, my hair did fall out a lot. My regular regime was just basically a shower and wash everyday because I get too ridiculously sweaty that my hair is drenched. It's not something I feel like dry shampoo alone can solve. I just feel really disgusted.
Can you see it thinning out at the ends?
Although prior to taking these supplements my hair was already significantly damaged and I am ignorant not to get regular trims due to its growth rate. So it'd been well over three (or even nearly five) months since getting a proper cut/trim. Just a few days ago, I did notice that my hair had definitely grown by the use of the vitamins however I did not realise that after my last trim/cut, the style was just pretty much fucked up. My haircut was seriously slanted to just ONE side.
An honest WTF right?
So as of yesterday, I went to a different salon to get my hair fixed. I kind of got rid of all the layers and had the ends cut to one length so that it looked so much fuller. I have never been so happy to have my hair cut short and fixed up. And this is the result of another hairdresser fixing up my hair!
Honestly, I'm a bit mixed up about the end results. Don't get me wrong. I believe the supplements worked in helping promote hair growth but it didn't exactly provide me with the thickness I had hoped for since my hair was already thinning out. I think it ended up aiding it to be even thinner than it originally was. Which made me more sad.
I'm trying not to factor in the fact that my hair was already previously fucked up due to my hairdresser. I did notice significant health and shine changes to my hair. The texture felt so much better to comb my fingers through. Since the new cut, it actually feels a lot fuller and amazing and I will continue to take note if anymore than usual hair strands drop out.

So all in all, the supplements did work to help promote growth. So I would recommend it for people who do want it. But, personally for myself it did work but I think the side effect I gained was losing some of my thickness and the occasional appearance of acne on my face.

I do regret that I will probably not be repurchasing these vitamins again any time soon. Maybe I will give it another go in a few months time to allow my scalp and hair recuperate. But right now I feel like I should allow my body to relax and try and let it naturally take its course.

Hope you've found this review useful and if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll try and help out the best that I can!

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