12 June 2015

Makeup trial

Hey guys,

What's been hanging? Not much for me lately aside from the fact that I've been sick with possibly a cough and cold in the last two weeks. But I think I've finally recovered some strength...well, I probably never lost it since I was pulling and squatting most of my max weights at the gym. (Yeah, I'm aware that I'm ignorant and very bad ass to my body) But anyway, the point was that I think I'm finally getting a better night's sleep since I am recovering.
On to better news, I finally went and got my makeup trial done! I was über excited because Jenifer was a girl I knew from High School but not only that, we happened to have met a very long time ago when we were young due to my dad being bffs with her uncle. Best coincidence, don't you think? But the reason I was particularly excited was because the previous weekend, she worked on Arianny Celeste! I was so lame into thinking that her hands touched Arianny and she was touching me LOL odd fangirl habits.

The trial was quick and really fun. I was nervous at first because I actually didn't have a real idea of what I wanted. I just wanted to be pretty and glamorous sort of thing. P.S Jenifer kept making me all shy by just asking me to look at her because she is an absolute stunner. She is really fun to work with, talkative and very attentive to your needs. She's kind of starting out as a makeup artist but I do highly recommend her to anyone who will need her service.
My jaw dropped. I've never looked so flawless in my life LOL I've never looked so much like a female! Perfect eyebrows and all. The makeup didn't feel heavy like my regular going out makeup. I didn't feel agitated and disgusted (I usually feel like that when I do my own makeup and have the need to rip it all off). It all felt so light and natural so I was so surprised of how much it managed to cover up all my freckles and flaws. I still cannot get over my perfect eyebrows on fleek hahaha Thank you Jenifer! You did such an incredible job and cannot wait to look this perfect on D-Day!

So, the funny thing was...I didn't even know that I had to go through a makeup trial. You know, there's a crap load of things I didn't know what you had to do in regards to a wedding. Like I previously mentioned, I don't have a dream wedding that I was hoping to create and all. I was just winging this whole thing. But Bach's mother made a point;

"You'll be getting married once in your life, be spoilt, go all out and make the day special because it won't happen again"
It was really sweet and that's true. You only ever aim to get married once, so why not be a little spoilt? Truth is, the money side of thing is on my mind. Given that I'm not even employed and can't make most of my on-call shifts, I can't help but feel that it really puts a strain on Bach. He works hard for the both of us, so I don't want to be some baller at the strip club and make it rain a thousand dollar bills. I'm trying to be efficient and smart about it all. Because after all, I'm an Asian =P

That goes without saying, if I want to pay for absolute quality; don't get me wrong. I will determine if it is worth it. Otherwise I will manage to factor in everything else before I sacrifice quality. I just like to do things on my terms just so it's less stressful for my partner.

 Anyway, over and out!

PS. Jenifer doesn't have her own page or means of contact but you can definitely check out her work on her Instagram. If you're in Melbourne and need some makeup artistry, by all means have a look at Jenifer!

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