31 March 2015

Peninsula Hot Springs

Last Sunday, I got the privilege to be invited by one of my girlfriends to go and chill out at the Peninsula Hot Springs. This would be my second visit to the springs and this time we were bathing around in the private bathing area as opposed to the public bathing. I actually quite enjoyed it although, it was rather small...a lot smaller than the public side. There were only about six accessible baths (including the cold plunge), so it was quite small but I liked the fact that it was quiet.
My girlfriend decided that she wanted to treat me out for an early birthday present since I will be flat our busy with an Easter fishing trip and a wedding. Yes, a wedding on my own birthday!! But, I'm rather excited for the couple! Anyway, I was more excited about actually wearing a swimsuit since I haven't been able to touch any of my for the entire summer here.
I felt like after all this gym training and being ill the last week, I think the hot springs was definitely something I needed to rejuvenate my body. We got served lunch and just hit the springs to relax and chat right after. God knows what we even talked about but, I've been friends with Sok for over a decade that I'm practically her adopted sister (according to her mother LOL).

Thank you Sok, for the lovely birthday surprise and such a relaxing Sunday. My body definitely thanks you for it!

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