20 March 2015

Japanese Proverb - Don't give up

  • 七転び八起き
    • Nanakorobi yaoki
    • Literally: Fall seven times and stand up eight
    • Meaning: When life knocks you down, stand back up / Keep trying
-Courtesy of Wikipedia

You may have seen or heard this proverb some time in your life. It's currently my favourite quote to go by because it doesn't matter which path you are walking, it will always be relatable to you. 

It holds a strong meaning to me because you shouldn't give up. Keep persisting till you get it right. I used to give up so easily, believe everything was impossible because I was just lazy and afraid of everything. It was until I started getting shit done for myself and realised how closed-minded I had been all along.

It doesn't happen overnight. Don't expect miracles. You need to work for it, earn it. Why do you think that when you were little, your parents would make you do things and the result was getting a reward? It's a very simple life lesson, to which some do take for granted. 

So, no matter how many times life knocks you down. No matter how bad shit gets. Stand up, dust yourself off and try again. No matter how many times you fall, its better knowing that you tried than wallowing in your "what if" box.

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