22 March 2015

Arnold Classic Australia

I honestly didn't know what to expect. Supplement expos, free giveaways, and endless lines for photos and free stuff. There were the occasional hunky arms and yummy chocolate abs lurking around. In all honesty, I was kinda just there to see and meet the fit women I admired. No homo. But the guys and free stuff were definitely a plus side to things.
Getting touchy-touchy with Andreia Brazier
It feels so surreal that just a week ago I attended the first ever Arnold Classic in Australia. I was actually quite proud that they hosted the event down here in my city, Melbourne!! I was rather excited all week because a few of the fitness models that I followed and idolised were going to be present.

So...rather than tediously explaining about my day being all about lines and scoring free stuff, I'm just gonna show you my photos.
I got to meet and hug the ever gorgeous Emily Skye. She's very sweet and humble! Definitely very beautiful!!
Arnold Schwarzenegger up on stage presenting an award!
Met the beautiful Stephanie Sanzo (aka stephfitmum)
Alice Matos!
She even touched my phone and took a selfie =P
This beautiful woman here is Brazilian fitness model, Alice Matos. Since getting into the fitness scene, she is one of my idols. She's beautiful, works hard, owns her own clothing line "Labellamafia" and despite being a fitness model and competitor, she has such a femme physique that I really admire! Her abs are just beautiful I was basking in her glory LOL She was so friendly and humble I could not stop fan-girling.

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