16 March 2015

8 months, a lot of days, lots of hours to go!

Just three weeks ago, we managed to confirm and place a deposit on my wedding reception. So...this is it. It's happening. I will be getting married this year! This is definitely a bit of a shock. Since getting engaged last year I honestly did not expect to be getting married this year at all. Like seriously, I thought we would wait another 2-3 years...even 10. But all of a sudden, Bach decided he was ready to tie the knot, settle down and start having children.

Yes...I'm just gonna try and let that all sink in.
I'm honestly just breezing through my relationship with Bach and we don't always talk about the serious stuff. We have random petty fights, fights over blanket, fights over food, we punch each others sore muscles and there's the occasional fist fights...I'm just kidding but we do abuse each other and that's absolutely normal. Well, I think it is...that's normal for us LOL most of the time we argue about why I eat and gym so much.

But anyway, it still really surprises me that this man has chosen to spend the rest of his life with little old weird me. Of course, I am over the moon about that. At the same time...
Sometimes I feel like I'm screwed.

It's my first time getting married, I believe it will be my last time. I'm nervous. I don't know what I want, what to plan and what to do. I don't have any ideas or themes. I just want it to be a joyous day to celebrate with everyone. I was just going to "wing it" but maybe that isn't the best idea.

I really am excited about the wedding however. Just the thought of it is really uplifting. Seeing how happy and excited my mother is, how much she wants to participate and just all that enthusiasm she radiates makes me so happy. Just the amount of love from my amazing girlfriends and fellow bridesmaids who are there to help me out. I just never knew how blessed I am and I really look forward to sharing my special day and the lead up to it.

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