31 March 2015

Peninsula Hot Springs

Last Sunday, I got the privilege to be invited by one of my girlfriends to go and chill out at the Peninsula Hot Springs. This would be my second visit to the springs and this time we were bathing around in the private bathing area as opposed to the public bathing. I actually quite enjoyed it although, it was rather small...a lot smaller than the public side. There were only about six accessible baths (including the cold plunge), so it was quite small but I liked the fact that it was quiet.
My girlfriend decided that she wanted to treat me out for an early birthday present since I will be flat our busy with an Easter fishing trip and a wedding. Yes, a wedding on my own birthday!! But, I'm rather excited for the couple! Anyway, I was more excited about actually wearing a swimsuit since I haven't been able to touch any of my for the entire summer here.
I felt like after all this gym training and being ill the last week, I think the hot springs was definitely something I needed to rejuvenate my body. We got served lunch and just hit the springs to relax and chat right after. God knows what we even talked about but, I've been friends with Sok for over a decade that I'm practically her adopted sister (according to her mother LOL).

Thank you Sok, for the lovely birthday surprise and such a relaxing Sunday. My body definitely thanks you for it!

27 March 2015

Bridesmaids down!

I'm so thrilled. I woke up on Wednesday morning and I was sent an email by Chi Chi London about a dress I had been eyeing for my bridesmaids. I had been eyeing it for possibly a month or pretty much since we'd been talking about getting married this year. I caught a glimpse of the gorgeous dress from ASOS and was just convinced that I had to have it for the girls. It was "out of stock" for quite some time and I was getting quite anxious because, well, it was both out of stock and on sale. So I had thought that perhaps it was going to be discontinued.

I had already shown the girls the dress and they absolutely loved it. I was worried it was going to be discontinued so I scoured the internet for more alternative dresses but nothing really struck me and I felt like I was just choosing stuff out of desperation. But being a little hopeful since the site said that it was to be "released on 27th March", I had placed my email to be notified if it were to restock.
Then voila, I got an email. I seriously jumped the gun, shoved two of the dresses into my cart and went searching for a coupon code (because I'm a typical Asian, if I can source it cheaper then I will!) And you guessed it. With the quick permission from the partner, I purchased them and by midnight in Melbourne, they had already been despatched!

I'm beyond happy!! Hopefully the sizing is just right. It's funny you should say, because both of my bridesmaids and I are basically the same size. Although, they look to be more tinier than I am. I'm just a little too tank from all the weightlifting haha.

Eeeeeeee~ time is ticking and I still haven't done anything too productive!

You can find the dress here: Chi Chi London Rosie Dress

UPDATE: 13 April, 2015

I forgot to update that the bridesmaid dresses arrived and I was absolutely thrilled!! They were sent in a regular parcel but I did receive the parcel within a week from when they sent it. So I'm definitely happy about that!
ARE THEY NOT THE CUTEST PINK DRESSES?! I was actually extremely worried at how pale these dresses may have been, given the different images from different websites I had seen but they are definitely a visible pink!
They were supposed to be knee-length dresses, they are a little longer than that. Given that I'm 5'2 and so is one of my bridesmaids LOL it will make they look a little short. I am considering to have the hem tailored but if the girls are happy as it is, then no dramas!

Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the dresses, the shipping and sizing. Colour is perfect and I just cannot deal with how cute it is!

24 March 2015

Purchase from Light In The Box

I'm still in shock that I will be getting married in less than 8 months. I honestly have not planned much at all. I still don't really know what I want but I'm glad that I have some girlfriends who are taking the time to help me out.

My dear girlfriend, Julie's Little World, is kind enough to help me with the design side of things and she makes me rather giddy and excited! I can't wait to see what the invitations will end up looking like with her little added quirky touches...since she personally knows both my partner and I.

Recently I ordered and received a package from Light In The Box. They had a sale going on and jumped the gun whilst ordering my bomboniere boxes. I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted but with the help and suggesting from Yuka, I chose the Enchanted Carriage box. I am seriously over the moon about them!!
How freaking cute are they? I am thoroughly pleased with the quality and the fact that I managed to snag 500 of these for about $80AUD (not including shipping). They're quite easy to assemble yet I'm just dreading making them all haha.
I also purchased this crystal tiara. Scored it for under $10AUD. Though a bit smaller than I originally thought but still of decent and shining quality. Not bad for a bargain.

So far, I'm quite pleased with my purchase from Light In The Box. I was a little sceptical due to online reviews but, those were mostly for their clothing and horrible customer service (which I completely understand because they are a company based in China). But for the general side of things, like these bomboniere boxes and they are pretty good and I would definitely recommend purchasing from them!

Hope this helps any to-be brides!


22 March 2015

Arnold Classic Australia

I honestly didn't know what to expect. Supplement expos, free giveaways, and endless lines for photos and free stuff. There were the occasional hunky arms and yummy chocolate abs lurking around. In all honesty, I was kinda just there to see and meet the fit women I admired. No homo. But the guys and free stuff were definitely a plus side to things.
Getting touchy-touchy with Andreia Brazier
It feels so surreal that just a week ago I attended the first ever Arnold Classic in Australia. I was actually quite proud that they hosted the event down here in my city, Melbourne!! I was rather excited all week because a few of the fitness models that I followed and idolised were going to be present.

So...rather than tediously explaining about my day being all about lines and scoring free stuff, I'm just gonna show you my photos.

20 March 2015

Japanese Proverb - Don't give up

  • 七転び八起き
    • Nanakorobi yaoki
    • Literally: Fall seven times and stand up eight
    • Meaning: When life knocks you down, stand back up / Keep trying
-Courtesy of Wikipedia

You may have seen or heard this proverb some time in your life. It's currently my favourite quote to go by because it doesn't matter which path you are walking, it will always be relatable to you. 

It holds a strong meaning to me because you shouldn't give up. Keep persisting till you get it right. I used to give up so easily, believe everything was impossible because I was just lazy and afraid of everything. It was until I started getting shit done for myself and realised how closed-minded I had been all along.

It doesn't happen overnight. Don't expect miracles. You need to work for it, earn it. Why do you think that when you were little, your parents would make you do things and the result was getting a reward? It's a very simple life lesson, to which some do take for granted. 

So, no matter how many times life knocks you down. No matter how bad shit gets. Stand up, dust yourself off and try again. No matter how many times you fall, its better knowing that you tried than wallowing in your "what if" box.

16 March 2015

8 months, a lot of days, lots of hours to go!

Just three weeks ago, we managed to confirm and place a deposit on my wedding reception. So...this is it. It's happening. I will be getting married this year! This is definitely a bit of a shock. Since getting engaged last year I honestly did not expect to be getting married this year at all. Like seriously, I thought we would wait another 2-3 years...even 10. But all of a sudden, Bach decided he was ready to tie the knot, settle down and start having children.

Yes...I'm just gonna try and let that all sink in.
I'm honestly just breezing through my relationship with Bach and we don't always talk about the serious stuff. We have random petty fights, fights over blanket, fights over food, we punch each others sore muscles and there's the occasional fist fights...I'm just kidding but we do abuse each other and that's absolutely normal. Well, I think it is...that's normal for us LOL most of the time we argue about why I eat and gym so much.

But anyway, it still really surprises me that this man has chosen to spend the rest of his life with little old weird me. Of course, I am over the moon about that. At the same time...
Sometimes I feel like I'm screwed.

It's my first time getting married, I believe it will be my last time. I'm nervous. I don't know what I want, what to plan and what to do. I don't have any ideas or themes. I just want it to be a joyous day to celebrate with everyone. I was just going to "wing it" but maybe that isn't the best idea.

I really am excited about the wedding however. Just the thought of it is really uplifting. Seeing how happy and excited my mother is, how much she wants to participate and just all that enthusiasm she radiates makes me so happy. Just the amount of love from my amazing girlfriends and fellow bridesmaids who are there to help me out. I just never knew how blessed I am and I really look forward to sharing my special day and the lead up to it.