10 February 2015

ASOT 700 Melbourne

Originally, I was going. Then hubby had work and we weren't going. Sold out tickets. His shift was cancelled and then we decided we were going two days beforehand so we had to find another ticket. But I ended up going and I guess I had a ball.
I think shit started going down when Armin Van Buuren stepped up onto the podium to spin. All I remember was that I could not stop dancing, Bach took his shirt off and BAM I was on my friends shoulders. If you're curious, I don't have the need for drugs to have a good time. Some alcohol yes, drugs. No. Besides, trance is such feel good music...why would you need that anyway?
Just for size. I'm 5'2
I think it was a very much needed night out. I've been jobless for the last seven months. Cooped up at home doing housewife chores, failed job-hunting and training like a beast in the gym. So, honestly it was a much needed night out to let loose.
When you take a picture and everyone else wants one too..
Bit of a short night out but it was fun while it lasted. 
Le Group!
Topless Hubs

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