26 February 2015

Wedding bells ~

I'm so excited. If you follow me on Twitter, I think most of you would already know that I'm probably going to get married this year! *runs around like a lunatic*

But honestly, as a child or a girl/woman at that, I've never actually pictured or had a vision of my dream wedding. Like seriously, never thought about it. I've thought about getting married but that's it. No dream dress, no dream shoes, no dream venue, no dream list of perfect things I want to happen on that special day. I understand that it's a big day for the couple. I love that it's "our" day. But the way I see it, you're celebrating with family and friends. I want nothing more to be happy and everyone there wallowing up in all that joy with us.
The one thing I'm truly afraid of is being a bridezilla. I'm actually extremely conscious of how people perceive me. I know, I'm so immature, but it's how I was simply brought up and never got over it. I'm just someone who strives to continually better herself but thinks she's a massive failure at life. I'm weird, I know. But anyway, in the next coming months you would probably see my journey unfold.
My sister-in-law's wedding in 2009
The fact that I'm going to be organising a wedding with no real goal or perception of what I want will definitely be a challenge. My beautiful bridesmaids are already chosen and I can't wait to get brainstorming up all this stuff!

So much to do and prepare!! I've already started playing around creating my invitations. We've chosen a date but it has not been confirmed yet but it is due to happen this year!
Me trying on a dress
Melbourne Based:
-Makeup artist
-Photobooth person thing
-MC/DJ person thing

If anyone knows or can suggest someone, I would greatly appreciate it so I can check out their portfolio! I can't help but be picky since I'm a massive lover of photography. I don't just want anyone.

I'm not striving for the most perfect wedding or anything. I'm just striving for the satisfaction. I want to be happy. I'm going to be celebrating the one day I get to marry my best friend and high school sweetheart and I want nothing but pure joy and someone who can create and capture such a wonderful time on my behalf. I don't want to worry about taking millions of photos to get the perfect lighting and angle. I want the moments to be capture that will inevitably make my heart melt when I see them. That's how I want to remember my wedding. --Except I am worried I will be a drunken mess lolol

That's all I can actually think about right now.

Wedding preparations? Halp. *runs around like a lunatic*

10 February 2015

ASOT 700 Melbourne

Originally, I was going. Then hubby had work and we weren't going. Sold out tickets. His shift was cancelled and then we decided we were going two days beforehand so we had to find another ticket. But I ended up going and I guess I had a ball.
I think shit started going down when Armin Van Buuren stepped up onto the podium to spin. All I remember was that I could not stop dancing, Bach took his shirt off and BAM I was on my friends shoulders. If you're curious, I don't have the need for drugs to have a good time. Some alcohol yes, drugs. No. Besides, trance is such feel good music...why would you need that anyway?
Just for size. I'm 5'2
I think it was a very much needed night out. I've been jobless for the last seven months. Cooped up at home doing housewife chores, failed job-hunting and training like a beast in the gym. So, honestly it was a much needed night out to let loose.
When you take a picture and everyone else wants one too..
Bit of a short night out but it was fun while it lasted. 
Le Group!
Topless Hubs