16 January 2015

YourTea | 28 days Tiny Tea Tox Review

Hi guys,

Firstly, this is NOT a paid review nor was I sponsored this. I'm not that awesome (and probably won't ever be). This is my utmost and honest opinion on this product.
I was once asked by a friend if I happened to be on any of these tea detoxes and my answer was yes. But of course, before I delve into anything that boasts about dramatic weight loss and instant abs. I make sure to do a thorough research, learn more about the product and find other people's reviews.

So, I'm sure you guys would probably have heard about all these "groundbreaking" tea detoxes that are circulating all over the internet, Facebook and your Instagram feed. The first question you ask, "Is it a scam?" and "should I try it?" etc

Now, the only tea detox I've use is Your Tea's 28-day Tiny Teatox. Your Tea is an Australian owned company that produces organic blend teas that aid in cleansing your body, mood improvement and fertility help etc. Also with every purchase, a portion of the total is sent to a charity. How neat is that? Do good for yourself and you do some good for the world :)

Of all the amazing results each different company promises you, I chose Your Tea. Why? Because it is the ONLY tea that does not give you a laxative affect. They even mention this in their product information, so that basically sold me.

What does Tiny Tea do?
"My delicately balanced herbs are designed to nourish and cleanse the digestive system."
On the website, the tea boasts about being designed to aid: bloating, indigestion, problematic skin, cellulite, increased energy and reduction of excess weight. So in short, it helps to gently cleanse your digestive system of all the bad stuff while giving you energy to get through your day.

What is the difference between Tiny Tea and other teas?
It does not produce any kind of laxative affect. So you don't have to sit and worry about when you need to go poop and endure all those ridiculous tummy aches. You have one tea bag to drink three times a day (30 mins before or after every meal). Other tea companies have a 'day tea' and a 'night tea'. Also, the other reason is meanwhile the laxative affect supposedly promotes instant weight loss, you are basically just flushing your body of fluid rather than actual fat. So the number drop on the scale is just a loss of water in your body.

How does it taste?
I'm a tea lover at heart. Surprisingly, Tiny tea tastes great. It's actually quite subtle and definitely gently on the tongue. I usually get disappointed when I finish my cup. But remember, everyone's tastes are different!! If you aren't too fond of the taste, add some lemon or honey.

Does it really aid in weight loss?
Yes and no. I'll be honest and say that there is no miracle liquid, tea, candy etc that can magically wave away all your fat and cellulite. You just need to eat better and even Your Tea mentions this on their page. It just aids in reducing the bloated tummy feeling.

I guess the pricing is decent. I won't be buying a batch every single month of the year however, it's not too bad if you buy it once in a while.

The 28-day detox costs $55AUD. You get 84 tea bags, drink three a day 30 minutes before or after each main meal of the day. If you are a bit sceptical, there is a 14-day option to trial for only $35AUD. If you're located in Australia you will received within the week and international buyers can refer to their table on their website.

Would you recommend it?
Yes I would. I recommend it because I just enjoyed their tea and hopefully I will be able to try more of their blends! Any kind of tea is beneficial for your body. Except for those that are too sweet and contain a crap load of sugar.

I will be going on the Tiny Teatox again possibly in February and this time I will create a log of photos for you to see the varying results it could produce. But keep in mind that I will be exercising regularly and "attempting" to eat healthier. Previously being on the teatox, my SD card on my phone has broken so I don't have any before and afters.

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