18 January 2015

How do you stay motivated?

This was a very common question I got when I started losing weight and got addicted to the gym life. In all honesty, I have no set answer for it. All I know is, I just do what I have to do. It's like imprinted in my brain these days.

Everyone always looks back at their old images and think "Holy fuck. I was so thin back then. How did I get so big over the years?" Or you probably jumped on the scale and notice a massive hike in your weight? Of course, everyone gets busy. No one is ever properly educated on foods, you just eat to live and enjoy and we tend to be ignorant of our body's needs. I know that happened to me. I was a fatty that just ate anything and everything bad. I could not run to save my life. Well, it wasn't because I couldn't...I was just too lazy to LOL.

But, I finally decided enough was enough. Losing weight is a long and tough road. It's easy to veer off the track but here are some tips that may help you:
I want you all to remember something. Male and females alike: you are always one workout away from being in a good mood. Working out releases endorphins which are supposed to help elevate your crabby moods! So, get up and get moving ^^

I know that it can be quite strenuous, takes a lot of effort and you'd rather rest and be lazy. Working out should be fun, don't ever think of it as a chore otherwise you'll lose motivation. Perhaps surround yourself with people who will push you or find a gym buddy with similar goals in mind and keep the support up.
I work out all the time but can't lose weight.
This is a common misconception. You can hit the gym 2 hours everyday and still not have your weight budge or look as fabulous as you had hoped. Reason being is, your diet may be screwing you over.
If you are consuming nothing but "convenient" food then you are just running to maintain your body. Balance is key. You need to feed your body food that fuels your metabolism rather than something to just fill up your cravings. However, I'm aware that strict dieting is hard for everyone. That's why you need to learn self-control and reward yourself a cheat meal once a week or so. Just try not to go overboard.

Why don't I have abs or a flat tummy yet?
Patience is key here. Rome wasn't built in a day as your body won't have abs just after doing 100 crunches a day everyday for a week. You need to be consistent and don't expect so much. You are always one workout closer to your dream body. Remember that.

It's really painful and I don't wanna do it again.
Well, put it this way. If you feel sore that is a good thing. Working out after a long hiatus is mean to hurt. Think of it as your muscles getting a good oiling and the more you attempt to lubricate your muscles, the better your body will adjust and it'll becomes stronger and pain free. So, it will hurt for now but seriously, your body will definitely thank you later.

No pain, no gain!

What helped you?
The best way to keep yourself going, like myself, I set micro goals. You have your end goal but leading up towards that, you set yourself tiny realistic goals to reach and achieve.
For example: 
I want to drop 20kgs/44lb and weigh xx amount. (Your main goal) 
I want to drop 1kg/2.5lb per week. (Your micro goal)
At least attempting to drop up to 1kg per week seems realistic and reachable. If you set yourself too high of a goal, you end up mentally beating yourself, lose motivation and just give up.

When you reach that little goal, reward yourself. Whether that be with food you've been craving or something you wanted to buy.
Yes. That's me.
Ex. Bach offered to buy me a handbag once I shed off 10kgs completely.

Brand new gym clothes!
Being a girl, new gym clothes helped. Add a splash of vibrant colours to your funeral-like gym clothes. If you look good, you feel good and you'd just have that need to flaunt your new gorgeous gym wear at the gym for others to see. Whatever the perks, let it encourage you! If you want new gym wear, set a goal. "If I work out 3-5 times a week for 3 weeks, I'll get a new pair of tights or shoes"
Don't you ever get lazy and unmotivated?Of course. I'm only human! (Maybe sometimes a beast at the dinner table and gym). But yes, I have those days where I don't want to roll out of bed. It's tough but how I manage to get up off my ass and to the gym. Solely because I look back at the old me and then to the goal-me I want to be. Every decision to workout is based on how much closer I plan to get to my desired dream body!
But there will be times where you NEED to listen to your body and rest. If you're ill, aching all over from a total body workout or simply suffering TOTM. Then, its okay to rest for a day or two. But make sure to get back into so you don't fall out of rhythm.

Be happy, be positive and always try to find the light. Working out is NEVER bad unless you injure yourself. But how can you possibly pass up wanting a happy, healthy and strong body for the future?

I hope this helps in some kind of way for those who are trying to get back into working out or looking to start.
If you want it, go get it. No amount of excuses should EVER stop you from reaching your dream goal. Both in health and life. 

Good luck everyone! Make a difference for your body in 2015!

If you have any suggestions on how YOU like to stay motivated. Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear them!

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