22 January 2015

Drama Addict: 피노키오 『 Pinocchio』

I have seriously been out of the Korean drama scene for quite some time. Honestly, I was just really getting bored and also my interests and focus were elsewhere. But for some odd reason I was compelled to watch Pinocchio due to wanting to see Lee Jong Suk as a lead actor. He's actually just released my inner-fan girl that has been locked up over the past two years lol
If you're looking for a somewhat 'edge of the seat' kind of drama with the extremely occasional 'tear-jerker' factor. This is definitely the go-to drama. I swear to God, the first two episodes literally had me balling my eyes out!! But the drama was that good that I could not turn away. I was honestly hesitant to watch this because of Park Shin Hye but she definitely plays a commendable character in this drama. Somewhat of her usual ditzy female portrayal but you definitely grow to love her.

The drama 'Pinocchio' is derived or somewhat based on something called "Pinocchio syndrome" where a person who possesses this disease will hiccup when they tell a lie. Don't worry, no such thing exists in real life.
When I think about explaining the story, it's actually quite elaborate. A lot of secrecy and somewhat dark. However, there are plenty of heartwarming and hilarious bickering moments to which I'm sure you will definitely enjoy.

Ki Ha Myung (Lee Jong Suk) and Ki Jae Myung are genius sons of a heroic firefighter that was wrongly framed and accused by a reporter, Sung Cha Ok. Things got blown out of proportion that it completely destroyed his family. Ki Ha Myung was presumed dead after his mother had committed dual suicide.

Mentally and emotionally unstable, Choi Gong Pil is the grandfather of Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye). Claiming to have saved his son, Cho Dal Po, who was lost at sea almost forty years ago. We discover that Ki Ha Myung is still alive and playing the role of Choi Dal Po in order to assist and stabilise Choi Gong Pil's health. The irony is that In Ha and Dal Po are the same age despite him acting as her uncle.
While Dal Po/Ha Myung was enjoying his new family life amongst the Choi's, his heart broke at the fact that his beloved niece was the daughter of Sung Cha Ok, the woman who destroyed his family.

The story revolves around reporters and "the truth" kind of theme. So many lies and secrecy that parts of the drama is very dark and juicy, showcasing how lies can turn people into horrendous monsters. More so of how reporters can fabricate the truth in a manner that it can either save people or destroy them. Lots of raw emotions and possibly hard hitting ones too.

The story is seriously quite elaborate but I guarantee that you will love it once you watch it.
I took a bit of a break from it so I didn't have to wait for the weekly release but now, honestly I am so hooked and the cast could not be anymore handsome and cute. Lee Jong Suk is quite an admirable actor. Tall, handsome and boy, this guy really knows how to pull out tears when in need oh and he looks like such a great kisser!

The best dramas are the ones that you cannot predict. This was definitely one of them and I cannot wait to see the ending.

If you've already watched this, did you enjoy it? If you plan to watch it, definitely get on it ASAP!

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