26 January 2015

You have those days where:

You're on a high. You're so positive and so hopeful that something good will definitely come your way. Just keep that hope up. Anything is possible and you love yourself enough to believe you can do it. You feel blessed and love for everything that you own and possess in your life. So you will continue to keep trying and be that hopeful beansprout.

Then there's those other days where it's just bleh. That glowing and hopeful light begins to diminish. You think of yourself as a stupid, pathetic failure that just can't get anywhere. A reject.

It sucks. I've been job searching, applying but nothing has popped up to give me an opportunity and its really killing my self-esteem. I don't mean to be picky with my jobs but am I not good enough for the places that I want to work? The places that I am willing to try to be the best that I can be? I want to learn and grow, be given that opportunity.

Unfortunately, I just feel like I am not good enough and never going to be.

I feel like a major failure. Fallen out of luck, well to be honest I was never a lucky person to begin with, despite how I am trying my best to be as positive as I can be. I do dwell on it. I do get upset, very upset. But I can't do anything but pick myself up and keep trying.

It's just very hard at times where your self-esteem has probably dropped so low that I feel like I am pathetic and hopeless. I am a reject. My self-worth and self-value is just breaking apart.

23 January 2015

Common weight loss misconceptions


So, I thought I'd add in some pointers for those who want to begin a healthier or more active lifestyle to lose weight or get fitter and stronger. I figured that you should learn or know the basics on how I started. I can't promise you a success but as long as you know, you can use the information to your advantage.

A lot of the information below I basically learnt from my fiancé. If I didn't understand or wasn't not completely certain about it, I would make the effort to find an article and read up about it. Knowledge and the internet it your friend! :)

22 January 2015

Drama Addict: 피노키오 『 Pinocchio』

I have seriously been out of the Korean drama scene for quite some time. Honestly, I was just really getting bored and also my interests and focus were elsewhere. But for some odd reason I was compelled to watch Pinocchio due to wanting to see Lee Jong Suk as a lead actor. He's actually just released my inner-fan girl that has been locked up over the past two years lol
If you're looking for a somewhat 'edge of the seat' kind of drama with the extremely occasional 'tear-jerker' factor. This is definitely the go-to drama. I swear to God, the first two episodes literally had me balling my eyes out!! But the drama was that good that I could not turn away. I was honestly hesitant to watch this because of Park Shin Hye but she definitely plays a commendable character in this drama. Somewhat of her usual ditzy female portrayal but you definitely grow to love her.

The drama 'Pinocchio' is derived or somewhat based on something called "Pinocchio syndrome" where a person who possesses this disease will hiccup when they tell a lie. Don't worry, no such thing exists in real life.

18 January 2015

How do you stay motivated?

This was a very common question I got when I started losing weight and got addicted to the gym life. In all honesty, I have no set answer for it. All I know is, I just do what I have to do. It's like imprinted in my brain these days.

Everyone always looks back at their old images and think "Holy fuck. I was so thin back then. How did I get so big over the years?" Or you probably jumped on the scale and notice a massive hike in your weight? Of course, everyone gets busy. No one is ever properly educated on foods, you just eat to live and enjoy and we tend to be ignorant of our body's needs. I know that happened to me. I was a fatty that just ate anything and everything bad. I could not run to save my life. Well, it wasn't because I couldn't...I was just too lazy to LOL.

But, I finally decided enough was enough. Losing weight is a long and tough road. It's easy to veer off the track but here are some tips that may help you:
I want you all to remember something. Male and females alike: you are always one workout away from being in a good mood. Working out releases endorphins which are supposed to help elevate your crabby moods! So, get up and get moving ^^

I know that it can be quite strenuous, takes a lot of effort and you'd rather rest and be lazy. Working out should be fun, don't ever think of it as a chore otherwise you'll lose motivation. Perhaps surround yourself with people who will push you or find a gym buddy with similar goals in mind and keep the support up.

16 January 2015

YourTea | 28 days Tiny Tea Tox Review

Hi guys,

Firstly, this is NOT a paid review nor was I sponsored this. I'm not that awesome (and probably won't ever be). This is my utmost and honest opinion on this product.
I was once asked by a friend if I happened to be on any of these tea detoxes and my answer was yes. But of course, before I delve into anything that boasts about dramatic weight loss and instant abs. I make sure to do a thorough research, learn more about the product and find other people's reviews.

So, I'm sure you guys would probably have heard about all these "groundbreaking" tea detoxes that are circulating all over the internet, Facebook and your Instagram feed. The first question you ask, "Is it a scam?" and "should I try it?" etc

Now, the only tea detox I've use is Your Tea's 28-day Tiny Teatox. Your Tea is an Australian owned company that produces organic blend teas that aid in cleansing your body, mood improvement and fertility help etc. Also with every purchase, a portion of the total is sent to a charity. How neat is that? Do good for yourself and you do some good for the world :)

Of all the amazing results each different company promises you, I chose Your Tea. Why? Because it is the ONLY tea that does not give you a laxative affect. They even mention this in their product information, so that basically sold me.

15 January 2015

Herro 2015

Why, hello there.

Firstly I should wish everyone a very, extremely belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wishing you all the possible happiness, luck and prosperities for the year ahead!

I seriously have not touched my blog since early March of last year. I did insert some random blogs but they were irrelevant. Reason being...nothing really. I've been so addicted to my gym training, was working my ass off with dieting and I was rewarded a little family holiday with my in-laws. I forgot to also mention the birth of my second beautiful niece, Skyler. Since coming back from the holiday, I've been jobless again and just been learning how to be a housewife and an avid babysitter for my nieces.
Me and Chelsea
Mum & Skyler
I thought I should get back into blogging and probably write about things I am actually passionate about. My fitness journey or probably some handy tips for those who want to try and get started. I have plenty time on my hands right now.

That's everything in a nutshell I guess.

Here's to hoping I'll document more of my life in 2015.