19 May 2014

May 19, 2014 | Six and a half year anniversary

Yoohoo~ big summer blowout!

May 19th marked Bach and I's six and a half year anniversary and he took us, meaning Yuka as well, out to eat at a steakhouse called Squire's Loft. Oh my glob, it was amazing! I ordered the ribs, he had a steak and Yuka had a waguy beef burger. Pretty sure we all got fat.
OOTD plus Yuka thought it was hilarious I was holding a banana..
There's a few branches around Melboure, if you ever get to the chance, definitely go try it. Worth the money! We went to the branch out in the Docklands, the service was incredibly friendly, professional and our waiter sure knew how to troll and muck around with us. It was fun and oh, we got engaged ;)
Our rings
Yes, I bought him a ring too. I know culturally, it isn't significant for a male to wear an engagement ring but honestly I thought it was fair for my partner to have a ring to signify that he was also taken. Funny enough, he was actually more fussy about his ring than I was with mine!

Every girlfriend at work asked: How did he propose? Firstly, no. It wasn't romantic. My fiancé is ANYTHING but romantic. Seriously, he actually never asked me out. So technically we aren't dating...and I scored a free ring teehee. He pulled out the ring and asked "is that a yes?" only because I knew it was going to happen that day.

I was happy to accept due to the fact that we had been discussing this milestone for a long while. I got home and showed my parents, they were expecting the news at some point in the year as well. Everyone's excited and asking when the date it and I tell everyone "Maybe in 10 years" they get a big shock and my joking reason is "it took me six and half years to earn this ring, I'll probably wait another decade to walk down the aisle"

10 May 2014

Yuka's visit

Loves her veggies
May came around and it all happened so fast! My baby and bestie from Japan, Yuka, came by to visit for a good month.

It was great having her company here and as usual, she had so many ridiculous random antics and it was always great fun to have her around. Also I managed to organise for her to meet my gorgeous friend, Julie. It was hilarious. They actually hit it off and started abusing me..all in the vicinity of Ikea as well.

We also managed to organise a BBQ and lunch meet-ups with a few other friends she had met in the past times that she was here.
Yuka, me & Kimu
Yuka, Adrienne and me
We were actually quite busy with our workload and the time to our holiday was drawing closer so it was difficult to spend a lot of time with her. However, we managed to travel to the Great Ocean Road. The GOR is a beautiful landmark of Victoria's coastline. The main attraction is the Twelve Apostles but due to the weather and natural corrosion there's only a few apostles left. It's worth a visit if you have the time to drive up. If you are coming from Melbourne or further, it will literally take up the entire day!

We also took her to the Peninsula Hot Springs for a night visit. I was a little misled with the photos of the "night time" visit with spectacular illuminated lighting but that aside, the visit was quite amazing. The heat from the hot springs, the relaxed atmosphere and the nature side of things made the hot springs a very fun and pleasant visit. Definitely recommend it!
 Oh and she met my niece. Safe to say, they got along pretty darn well!