25 April 2014

Mallacoota trip

Girl's group selfie + John and Bach
I really am a lousy blogger, aren't I? Then again, I don't really have much of a readership so it doesn't bother me. As always, I've been keeping busy. Let me tell you, a lot has happened since March. So much that I really am that lazy to be bothered blogging about it. Again, I microblog on my tumblr and Instagram.

I went on an easter road trip down to Mallacoota with a couple of friends. Us girls were really lazy and stayed back in the apartment/units and socialised while the boys went out fishing. On the last day, we decided to venture out on the fishing boat and caught like 9 fishes as opposed to the boys who caught that amount in three days haha winning!

Largest flathead!
We were always eating
My first pinky!
Selfies with Alicia
Bach's grand catch
Alicia's awesome catch
Tom and Alicia antics 
Our entire catch!
Overall, it was an amazing and fun trip. The only thing I found annoying was the six-hour drive up to Mallcoota. But it was the second year in a row since going and we've always managed a great catch and this time round we had more friends tag along.

I think we plan to go again towards the end of the year and I hope we do!