11 March 2014

Slow and steady

Hola everybody,
Been a while and as usual, I've just been busy working and at the gym. I can happily tell you now that I am finally under 60kgs (132.2lbs). Still a bit off from my actual goal weight but nonetheless, a step closer. I am seriously 5kg (11lbs) away from my goal weight but it's always those last few where it is the hardest to lose. But I promised myself as a goal this year that I will do it and I will get there...eventually.
So this is my progress from 14 July 2013 till 14 February 2014. Accidentally typed the years wrong LOL but that's my progress within seven months of dieting and training. I was pretty much a size AU 12-14 (US 16-18) and now I am down to a size AU 8-10 (US 4-6). I never would have imagined that I would and could drop back to the same size I was in 2002! I'm still in denial about it.
I don't exactly know what my drive is but I just want a nice butt and some visible abs that can showcase my hard work and efforts. 
I know, hardly too impressive but it much better than I was a couple of months ago! Still need to work hard to get fitter and maintain my body.
I've been recording my progress throughout the year!
I seem to notice that every time I update my Instagram account, there will always be a message in my Facebook inbox from my friends asking me how I achieved it. In all honesty, repeating myself countless times to different girls each time does get annoying but at the same time it doesn't mean I don't want to help. I mean, if you really wanted to lose weight, wouldn't you make the effort yourself to learn about it?
For myself, Bach laid everything out on the table for me. But just the basic stuff. Eventually, I started to learn about it all by myself. I did my own research finding out what will help benefit me to reaching my goals and he would help me whenever I asked or wasn't too sure. Now it surprises me that other girls are coming to me for advice. Flattering yes, but make the effort yourselves too!!

 More than often I hear the same thing over and over: 
I love my food.
I'm eating too much. 
I lose motivation so easily. 
I'm not seeing any results.
I have no self control.
Well, hey. I didn't say this journey was easy. You have to make certain sacrifices to get what you want. You want something? You work and EARN it.
The reason I decided to lose weight was because I wanted a nice butt. Lame, I know. But also because of my work friends also sharing their weight loss stories with me. They made it sound possible. It's not impossible if you set yourself little goals to reach. That way, it doesn't seem so daunting.

But the key ingredient to you wanting to lose weight and get fit, honestly it is all within yourselves and how much you actually want it. It's just like wanting to quit smoking; don't give up giving up if it means that much to you.

I think I'll compile a FAQ one day. Sorry about the raunchy images!

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