10 February 2014

Henry & Sophia's Wedding

What up guys?!
Henry & Sophia
I had a pretty hectic weekend so I will try and keep this short as. My long time friend, Henry, recently got married over the weekend and we were all over the moon. The entire family was invited and we all had a ball. I have never gotten so drunk that I couldn't make it to the car. It was a vague blur to me LOL but it was an awesome night.
My parents and Bao
I was supposed to have work today but I took it off to recover from this hangover. Yeah, I don't get drunk that often and I'm sure this was the only excepting and NEVER AGAIN. I seriously kick myself whenever it happens that one time a year LOL
But anyway, here are pictures of the night. It's still a slight blur to me but I was in such a great mood because the entire family got all dressed up and we went out together. It's a very rare occasion to it was great!!
With Sophia
My beautiful sister-in-law
The boys: Bao, my brother & Bach
Get your drank on!
With Bao
The Nguyen Boys!
Great night with great company always has amazing outcomes. Congratulations to Henry and Sophia to their new married life. May you both be blessed with happiness and all the best for your future!