30 December 2013

Semi-exciting news.

Hola friends,
Back in 2011 eating Ramen in Osaka
As you should know, its been over six years since Bach and I have been together. While I was away in the United States the boyfriend was texting me and trying to comfort me. We got onto the topic of him buying me something because I usually have a bad habit of asking for things when I'm not in a great mood.

I asked him for a handbag as a gift since I was becoming stressed about buying things for myself. He then proceeded to ask me:
That was the shocking part. He actually asked me if I wanted a ring and yes, he meant an engagement ring.
And if you didn't know, my boyfriend is not even close to being romantic...at all. I don't even think 'romance' exists in his vocabulary. We're just weird. Weird is the definition of our romance. So surprise! I have the potential to be getting engaged next year.

I've been browsing Google images lately for potential ring settings and designs whilst trying to learn about the diamond stones etc. Just the other day I went into a shop in Springvale while out and about with my parents and instantly fell in love with a halo ring design.
My mum suggested that I don't get a simple design where it's just a plain band with a stone. She suggested the idea with smaller diamonds to compliment the bigger one and I think the halo setting was just beautiful, don't you think? And if I happened to have chosen a smaller diamond centre stone, the stones around it will make it appear larger.
Well, it is exciting news but at the same time it isn't definite. We're in the midst of discussing it but it hasn't exactly been made official. The boyfriend is waiting until March of next year to decide meanwhile I just cannot contain my excitement!!

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