20 December 2013

My mini visit to Tucson, Arizona.

Hey guys,
Massive Cactus in Tucson
What's up? I've been MIA yet again but all within good reason. Yes, I've been obsessing over the gym. Then I got ill for two weeks. Then it's been really hectic at work where I've been doing overtime everyday and still tried to fit in gym sessions. My six year anniversary came up. Then I flew out to the United States to meet my bestie, Sophia. Then I came home, celebrated Bach's birthday and went straight back into work and gym. Yep, that's everything in a nutshell.

I had so much fun in the States. Really, words could never describe the experience. Meeting Sophia for the first time, and yes I've known her online for over three years and we text literally everyday. So, one day it was bound to happen. I didn't exactly do much whilst over there, however the sole purpose of the trip was to meet her and spend time with her. Check and done! The funniest thing that was most intriguing to me was the fact that they had Cactus...almost everywhere. Where I live in a suburban city area whilst Tucson, Arizona is a desert state. The difference in scenery was awesome to see.
I was most definitely in a culture shock when it came to meeting and living with Mexican people. They're extremely polite people, very warm, welcoming and treat their guests with utmost respect and generosity. The men are very gentleman-like which made me feel uneasy. It's usually a custom for them to open the door for the women. This one time I actually raced Rafael to the car just because I didn't want to trouble him to open the car door for me. Fail attempt and he'd grease me off LOL sorry, I'm usually independent and wear my own pants, even for the boyfriend sometimes.

I managed to drop by a museum...to which I forgot the name of. However, it was really interesting because it was full of preserved animals. We were allowed to touch them and get close without worrying about getting eaten.
How often do you get to stand beneath a giraffe?
With Sophia and a Rhino
The day after I met her beloved cousin Aimee and we went to explore the Botanical gardens and played with the butterflies. It's a lot smaller than the one at the Melbourne Zoo's Butterfly house, however I managed to get better pictures of butterflies!

We also managed to stop by Las Vegas for four days and three nights. Vegas is amazing. The nightlife is boss, however I didn't get a chance to go clubbing or to a bar. Those aren't exactly my thing unless it's an important event. But I adored the fact that everything was open till late, everyday. Australia doesn't even compare to late hours anywhere in the world.
My view from my hotel room!!
This only vaguely captures the beauty of Las Vegas.
Me & Sophia
Fine dining at Gordon Ramsay Steak - Paris Las Vegas
The hotels on The Strip were extremely beautiful and breathtaking. I was lucky to score a hotel and flight deal which allowed me to stay in Paris Las Vegas, which is situated on The Strip and directly across The Bellagio. The shopping, I favoured Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile Shops because they were more of my price range but they do have the well-known big brands available at most of the lavishly looking hotels.
Sippin' on a Daiquiri!
Oh, I also got to experience something most people don't get to. I met her parents who live about a 15 minute drive from the US/Mexican Border. I wasn't too keen on crossing over to visit...that was until they told me I could go and sit on a 'burro' which was a donkey. Yep, that was the selling point for me. I wanted to cross the border just so I could sit on a donkey.

That metal fence is the border!
I was also taken to try out some Mexican cuisines. I've never tried Guacomole but dang, that was delicious! Tacos, burritos, churros, enchiladas, chipotle chicken...so many things that I enjoyed I barely even remember their names!
Blending into the Mexican Family!
Meet my Burro!!
With her parents and view of the border!
Overall my two week trip came to a quick end. It was heaps fun and I promised that I would definitely return to show Bach these amazingly kind-hearted and beautiful people whom I can now call my American family. I want to be able to show him that Tucson is a beautiful city, though it may just be a desert it holds a lot more value to me than Las Vegas did.

Thank you for an awesome time Sophia and I'm glad that you really weren't a man when I walked down the stairs LOL. I promise that I'll be back!!
The homeowners Krystal & Rico!
You might think I was crazy traveling halfway across the world to meet a complete stranger. Maybe I was crazy but I'm not stupid. I have my limitations, boundaries and precautions with my online friends and most people, I am sceptical of. But so far, I've met the right people and most of my close friends were via the internet.

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