30 December 2013

Boyfriend's 24th Birthday

The day after my return was the boyfriend's 24th birthday. Before I left he wanted me to help organise an actual family gathering. One where my family and his family would get together over dinner because during the six years we have been dating, our families have never sat down together. There have been times where we've been out and about meeting each particular family member. I thought it was a brilliant and meaningful idea. I'm even surprised that it came from him LOL

Given the fact we had a few days to decide a book in a place to eat. We decided on a buffet style restaurant since that would be the best option. We settled on going to Xiang Ju Hot Pot House in Glen Waverley. We all had a wonderful time, sharing some expensive Remy Cognac and everyone's tummies got filled...all on Bach and my expense. Lucky family.

It was a perfect gathering and it felt heart-warming that even though our families did have trouble communicating with each other, we still had a great time in each other's company!

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