15 October 2013

Unexpected goodness

September has finally ended and it's already mid-October. Seriously, I have no life. Get home from work and go gym. Afterwards I play with Chelsea because all she likes to do is scream at me, drool on me and pull my hair. It's tough love but you know, "if it's not rough it isn't fun" -Lady Gaga's Poker Face teehee

I went to a wedding the last time I posted. I didn't know anyone from the bridal party. All I knew it was Bach's soccer friend that was getting married and he dragged me along. The biggest irony was I ended up sitting on the exact same table as my eldest cousin. Seriously, major wtf.
Then looked over my shoulder and saw my bestie, Cong, from high school. Even more wtf LOL guess it is a small world. I ended up drinking and getting tipsy...at a wedding party where I supposedly knew no one. It turned out into a great night and I was really happy to be reunited with Cong and formally meet his girlfriend!
My fav picture of the night LOL
When October came around, I had this trance event where DJ Sander Van Doorn came to play a set in Melbourne. My day was good. Then it went shit and everything bad was just thrown at me and I was literally in tears as we drove to the venue. It wasn't bad just Bach came home moody, made me feel hideous and was angry at me for no good reason. At this point I didn't want to go etc. The moment we settled and had a few drinks, things turned out for the better. Alcoholic drinks make me wayyy too happy but Sander Van Doorn was pretty sick. He went pretty hard with his set and I loved it that I could barely sit down. That amazeballs.
That was my eye makeup for the night. I attempted something out of my comfort zone and loved it.
Overall look
Oh I've already reached my first weight loss goal. Goodbye 10kgs! I'm extremely happy but as always, very unsatisfied with my current body results. Still plenty of fat to lose and I've already set two more goals of 5kgs. So, hopefully and eventually I can drop further and look more fit and toned. Anyways maybe next time I'll post up result pictures since I feel so bloated these days. Ciao and be safe~

We rarely have a nice photo together.
Random OOTD
Oh yeah. Chachi has just hit eight months and this is literally her reaction whenever I happen to walk into the room. She can't stop smiling at me. Not sure why but it is the cutest.

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