28 September 2013

September in a nutshell

Oh god. I haven't been back here since my last September post and September is already ending!! It has indeed been a busy month for me. In a nutshell why I have been so MIA. I'll keep it simple!
We had a week off from work and went up to Geelong to visit Bach's parents and it turned out to be Chi Quyen's 29th birthday!
I had two weddings in one day. I was only able to attend just one due to feeling ill later that night. Congrats to John & Vivienne and to Tuan & Linh!
John & Viv
Chelsea at 7 months!
The following day was my beautiful mother's birthday and Chelsea's seven month milestone. We had a family lunch at China Bar Signature in Burwood. She went cray haha Chelsea on the other hand...I think she's getting her photogenic-ness and selfie poses from me LOL
Mum is like my child
Bach found a new job that's somewhat related to his studies and he loves it! Congrats baby <3 He ... still ignores me. Awesome boyfriend.
We have another wedding today. Which I only found out about like 2 days ago LOL but thankfully I have an excuse to wear the new dress I bought.
Oh, and I'm about 1kg away from reaching the first 10kg weight loss :) I am so close to my goal. It's been hard but I feel like it has been totally worth it.
The boyfriend and I have been in discussion what my reward would be for all my hard work and effort. Not to mention how I am so motivated to keep gymming even without him! He decided to really spoil me. At first, the option was to buy me an MCM handbag. Then he proceeded to add a holiday trip to South Korea for two weeks next year in May. God, I am so spoilt but it definitely is a motivational goal that I look forward to!
At 8~9kg weight loss!
Just today, I went to the gym on my own and decided to do some squats. Some random girl comes up to me and tells me "Your squat form is awesome and perfect. Ass to ground is how it should be done" My god. I was soooo flattered and it made my day. But I still have so much to work on as you can see above!

Anyway, before I bore you with more gym talk. I'll end this post here. ~ Ciao!
Chelsea with troll hair
Random OOTD
With Julie at John & Vivs

4 September 2013

Dancing in September

I just had that Earth, Wind and Fire "Dancing in September" song stuck in my head.
But hello, it's already September! The ninth month of the year and I still haven't done anything amazing but so far in Melbourne the first few days of Spring have been amazingly pleasant weather and I hope Spring continues to be this blissful warm weather!
I also came to a realisation that this year had marked the fifth year anniversary of my dear best friend's passing and lost her battle to cancer. There's not a day where I don't think of her and having five years without your best friend, there's still that empty void in my heart that yearns for her. I miss you so much Sally and please continue to watch over us.
Sashimi and Sushi Platter
The other night we went to eat out at Shira Nui in Glen Waverley to catch up with a few friends. It was fun and the sushi restaurant was really interesting. I think maybe a bit pricey for sushi dishes however the service was fast and grand, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Everything you would expect a good restaurant to be!
We also had another catch up with a group of friends and went to place called Ribs & Burgers in Northcote. The drive up there was long and tedious due to traffic but once we got there, it was quick and easy. We each ordered a rib platter and the food service came out almost instantly and it tasted like amazeballs. The meat literally fell off the bone effortlessly. The marinade and sauces were just perfect, not over powering. Prices were reasonable as well!
Ribs & Burgers
It also seems like work is looking to be a bit quiet this month so I will be having some from free time during the day to rest up and focus on some fanfiction writing and if I'm not too lazy, work out at the gym and pump my non-existent guns.
L: June 29, 2013 | R: September 4, 2013
But I managed to wake up to some more great news this morning as I hopped onto the scale. I haven't been able to work so hard at the gym last week due to cramps but I made sure to watch what I ate and I've dropped another kilo ^^ I am about 3kgs away from hitting the 10kg weight loss mark and the thought really thrills me! Still so much to work on but I feel a bit more of a pang to get cracking and work harder! The above image is my current progress. Not that impressive but I can see a slight difference ^^

Anyways, I'll be off. If anything else interesting happens I'll probably be logging it. I have a busy month of September!