17 August 2013

Can you meet me halfway?

Hi thurrr~

Seems like I went MIA for another month, so what's been happening? Can't say much apart from working and working out at the gym. Yes, I think I've gotten back into hitting the gym. As you can tell from my Twitter feed and Instagram. I even woke up on the middle of the night angry and frustrated because I couldn't decide if I wanted new running tights...yeah, no comment.
Adidas gear
So with heavy frustration I ended up ordering new Nike Running Tights from the US and some new gear from Adidas. The boyfriend was even kind enough to buy me new running shoes that were on sale on catchoftheday.com.au I'm pretty sure I run faster now...not. However I did run on the treadmil and knocked my hand into the machine and now my knuckle is bruised.
Nike Running shoes
The good news is I'm currently halfway of my weight loss goal! It's been about a month, a very long and agonising month, and I'm honestly very horrible with my eating however it's improved and when I feel extremely fat I go for an hour session of cardio at the gym at least 2-3 times a week and the rest of the time Bach makes me do weight training. I wish I could show you my progress but I hardly think it's anything impressive and it's already awkward or inappropriate that I take pictures in my underwear. But here's a bit of a peek.
Trying to work hard to make my ab something along the lines of more a plural word. How embarrassing.
I forgot to mention that my beautiful niece is now six months old! She's more playful and talkative. According to my parents, she's very attached to me. She loves me so much that she just likes pull my hair, salivate all over me and scream at me. Tough love. She still rarely ever cries and smiles, oh so much! I adore watching her grow.

I haven't been able to go out much due to my *possibly fail* diet and the weather here in Melbourne has major PMS issues, I believe. Not to mention I'm trying to save. But since Bach wasn't home this weekend, my brother decided to go out and eat and voila, we went to Xiang Ju Hot Pot House in Glen Waverley. 
Outfit of the day
I've also been trying on my old dresses and clothes. I think if I manage to lose more weight I will be in need of a new wardrobe. Can't complain about that!

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