12 July 2013


What up?

It's been probably a month since I've even bothered to update my blog. Nobody reads this anyway and I never have anything interesting to write. Everything's been good on my end. Only the usual PMS but that's as bad as it'll ever get here.
So, Bach made a bit of a wager with me. If I were to lose 10kgs he would buy me a handbag of my choice. Which inevitably is the MCM Candy Bag in Pink ($600AUD). It's not really much of a motivation LOL but I wouldn't mind owning it. However, I heard of some inspirational weight-loss stories from the other female co-workers and they sounded amazing. The most fittest chick at my work place used to weigh 94kgs! That's a major shock for me because just one look at her, you can tell that she's a gym junkie.

I always thought that it was impossible for me. I still think it is. But I'm slowly changing the way I eat. I'm trying to gym more regularly. I can't say that I've lost a dramatic amount of weight but I can see a difference in my figure already. So, I haven't lost much weight but I'm getting a slimmer figure...LOL will get there one day! And if I am successful, in the long run, I will post up my progress and write it all down and show you all of my highs and lows of the road ahead.
Gym gloves from the boyfriend to motivate me.
I need a lot of willpower, inspiration and support. The biggest support I have right now is my boyfriend. Bach has been absolutely amazing. I do get annoyed but I love the fact that he's never given up on me. He continues to push me and if I'm doing horribly with my diet he would be stern and make me feel guilty. Sounds cruel but I believe it will be worth it in the end if I can make it! So, wish me luck.
Oh and the boyfriend is finally holding Chelsea! How cute is that? He was too afraid to hold her as a newborn but now that her neck if finally more sturdy and strong he has some confidence to hold her. He adores her company because she's always super chirpy and such a dork.

Anyways, that's all for now!


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