15 June 2013

Weekend shopping

What up?

Well, it's been a while since I've physically gone shopping AND physically bought anything. When it comes to buying clothes, I'm extremely picky. The boyfriend took me shopping last month and all I did was window shop and buy food. Anyways I was in the mood to shop but certain that I wasn't going to buy anything. Oh but guess what?
I know it ain't much but I'm thoroughly happy to finally have some retail therapy done!
  • STUSSY Knitwear from Flockhart St: $50
I scored the STUSSY top for 50% off. I love bargains that are good for my wallet and bank account. And you know, STUSSY is one of my favourite brands.
  • Leopard Muscle Tank from JayJay's: $20
I don't know why I was so attracted to the Leopard top but all that I had in my mind was EXO's "Wolf" and thought, I'll take it. I know, lame excuse but I really like it since I don't have anything very striking like this in my current wardrobe.
  • Kindalin Cut-out Ankle Boots from Famous Footwear $60
I've had my eyes on a pair of cut-out ankle boots for a while now. Well, since a friend posted her Jeffrey Campbell's on Instagram to be exact. I had my eyes on the Lipstik Metric Ankle Boots since the clasp was a beautiful gold tint that contrasted well with the black leather however, I wasn't willing to pay $89.95 and I don't think it suited me too well. 
Love aren't they? They're soft and super comfy so my feet don't ache and my toes can breathe!
My embarrassing OOTD because I get too excited and like to wear my new clothes.
And to end the post with a gorgeous picture of my niece dressed as Elmo. 
Today she's reached 4 months old! Woo~

Any who, until next time when something exciting happens in my life.

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