15 June 2013

Weekend shopping

What up?

Well, it's been a while since I've physically gone shopping AND physically bought anything. When it comes to buying clothes, I'm extremely picky. The boyfriend took me shopping last month and all I did was window shop and buy food. Anyways I was in the mood to shop but certain that I wasn't going to buy anything. Oh but guess what?
I know it ain't much but I'm thoroughly happy to finally have some retail therapy done!
  • STUSSY Knitwear from Flockhart St: $50
I scored the STUSSY top for 50% off. I love bargains that are good for my wallet and bank account. And you know, STUSSY is one of my favourite brands.
  • Leopard Muscle Tank from JayJay's: $20
I don't know why I was so attracted to the Leopard top but all that I had in my mind was EXO's "Wolf" and thought, I'll take it. I know, lame excuse but I really like it since I don't have anything very striking like this in my current wardrobe.
  • Kindalin Cut-out Ankle Boots from Famous Footwear $60
I've had my eyes on a pair of cut-out ankle boots for a while now. Well, since a friend posted her Jeffrey Campbell's on Instagram to be exact. I had my eyes on the Lipstik Metric Ankle Boots since the clasp was a beautiful gold tint that contrasted well with the black leather however, I wasn't willing to pay $89.95 and I don't think it suited me too well. 
Love aren't they? They're soft and super comfy so my feet don't ache and my toes can breathe!
My embarrassing OOTD because I get too excited and like to wear my new clothes.
And to end the post with a gorgeous picture of my niece dressed as Elmo. 
Today she's reached 4 months old! Woo~

Any who, until next time when something exciting happens in my life.

2 June 2013

CNBLUE's Australia Blue Moon Tour

What upppp.

I've been having a hectic weekend chasing CNBLUE in Australia. They dropped by Melbourne and Sydney as part of their world tour. I was fortunate to be able to go to both but unfortunately I don't have many pictures available since photographs/cameras were not allowed.
The Melbourne concert was great but I honestly tuned out here and there since I wasn't familiar with their new album. But towards the end of the night was when they started rocking down the house.
VIP seating view wasn't too bad. We could see them and make out their faces and their Engrish. Oh god their Engrish was soooo freaking adorable!! I did not expect them to communicate so well with us being very limited with English so that made the experience heaps better. There was even a point where they asked the crowd if we understood Korean and spoke to us. Ah, they were so adorable!! 
They came up with all these silly abbreviations like DSM for "Dark Sexy Metal" and then someone threw up a note that said "Dragon Flower" and YongHwa abbreviated it as DF lolol oh and YongHwa was the self-proclaimed king of dancing of the world and even jokingly added that he was better than Chris Brown. Too cutes.
Their selca with fans!
They hope the come back to Melbourne and I seriously hope they do!! The concert was fun and I loved their crowd interaction. They gave great fan-service by throwing things to the crowd, dancing and wore cute headbands from fans. JongHyun was super happy and generous that he threw 2-3 of his guitar picks!
Finally saw the Harbour Bridge LOL
The next morning Kimu and I headed out to Sydney to get ready for round 2 of CNBLUE. We did some shopping during the morning, napped a little in the arvo before we headed out to Big Top in Luna Park. We were shocked when we arrived. It was nearly 7pm and there was a MASSIVE line that probably stretched out 2-3km and there were still heaps more people arriving for the concert.
selfie with kimu!
We waited midway of the line undercover hoping for the queue to die down before we could join in and we ended up walking down a few hundred meters. Whilst walking down we heard music start and instantly we thought "What the fuck? They couldn't have started without all of us in there?" There was seriously so much people waiting to get inside!
The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30pm and we didn't get inside the hall until 8:15pm and by then we had missed a few songs. In all honesty it was due to poor organisation and lack of staff to guide people anywhere. Seriously, it was freaking ridiculous. There was only ONE solid line of entrance to the venue yet there were three types of viewing options: VIP Standing, G.A Standing and Seating. They could have at least separated the lines for a smoother and efficient entrance.

By the time we entered I was appalled. No one told us where to go. It was like releasing a child into the world with nothing. Then when we finally got into our VIP standing, I turned around and looked up at the seating area there were a crap load of people just standing on the balcony, between the stairways and just everywhere. It was chaos and I can't begin to imagine how CNBLUE felt seeing so little fans as they commenced the concert.
JungShin Chingu!
Kimu and I couldn't help notice how inactive JongHyun was. He hid behind his hair and barely tried to interact with the Sydney fans. He didn't even throw anything into the crowd like he did for the Melbourne concert and one fan decided to throw a stuffed bear to him and instead hit him in the face/head. Tsk. 
But in all honestly, I did enjoy the Sydney concert having a much better and closer voice and I definitely was not squished and kept away from the crowd. That being said I wasn't able to attempt to take pictures because they were so strict. But you gotta live and enjoy the moment. The down side was of course missing the first 30-45 minutes due to JK Entertainment's poor organisation and lack of communication to the fans. I hope they learn from this mistake and put more effort into making future concerts run smoothly, especially in their own city. Even Melbourne's concert was far better organised and it wasn't JK Ent's staff that guided everyone promptly, it was Festival Hall's staff and security guards.
If you ever get a chance to see CNBLUE live, it is a freaking MUST. They are absolutely amazeballs. I barely heard any flaws and they pretty much sounded perfect like they would on any CD record.
All close up images of the members were taken by my friend who also attended the Melbourne concert, Rita H. This is her personal tumblr post on the concert. Thank you for allowing me to use them in my post! They're amazing shots, aren't they?