18 May 2013

Vampire Makeup

I've been obsessing over vampires for a while now. No, not Edward Cullen. Just the thought of vampires in general. Perfect porcelain skin. Piercing glares and their somewhat dark mysterious persona as they lick their lips while staring at you. Yum.
See? Kikwang's so yum!!
I've briefly searched on Google Images for vampire inspiration makeup and I've had a few fail attempts. Most of them generally consisted of me looking like I got into a fight and walked out with two panda black eyes. Not the vampire look I was going for. I know it's no way near halloween but finally, I was so bored I decided to have a quick attempt at it one last time.
What do you think? Do my red panda eyes pull off as "vampire-ish"? This makeup look ended up being so much more...easier than I initially thought. I didn't have any fangs to add to the effect but it was fun trialling this kind of look.
Eyes up close, apologise about the image quality.

That's it for now haha

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