26 May 2013

REVIEW: Muk Style Stick 230-IR

Hello there,
Today I'll be reviewing the Muk Style Stick 230-IR. I won this hair iron in a giveaway and thought that I should attempt my own review on this. In all honestly, I've never heard of the brand Muk. I tried to research a bit more but not much information is available although I did discover that Muk solely is dedicated to hair products. Before using this I owned a GHD.
The packaging of the hair iron is very simple and neat. The simplicity of the box really does give off a professional kind of feel and I just love how everything is black and cased in a hard box with a magnet flap.
The iron itself is actually quite lightweight. It has a 3m swivel cord (2.8m for GHDs), which is convenient for those who love using their hair iron for curls and waves. I have two mirrors in my room but the power plug is quite far off, I just love how the Muk Style Stick allows me that little bit of extra freedom to reach my mirrors.
The iron has a digital thermometer as well as buttons for you to adjust the temperature to your liking. The GHD doesn't have this adjusting feature and I think it only goes up to a non-adjustable 180-200°C where as the Muk Style Stick goes up to a maximum of 230°C and it is adjustable! Nifty huh?
This is apparently a infrared sensor on the hair iron to help heat your hair for better results whether it is for curling or straightening.
I had to take a picture of the results. I normally have a gazillion split ends and after using the hair iron...I barely noticed any at all. Not saying that it gets rid of your damaged hair but it makes it look healthy!
After the first use my hair felt immediately soft and despite being burnt with heat it even felt nourished and my hair had extra shine to it. The soft luscious feeling lasted the entire day and even got rid of my frizziness.
What do I think? Well, I used to be GHD all the way and I was honestly sceptical since I've never heard of the brand Muk. But that being said, it completely changed my mind. I think, if you ever have the chance to test one of these babies out, do it. If you're thinking of investing in a good hair straightening iron I would definitely recommend this! It's cheaper than a GHD too! First use or first hair stroke, you won't be left disappointed.

More information: http://mukhair.com/
RRP: $199.95

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