16 May 2013

Positivity keeps the mind healthy

Hey blog, what up.

I haven't been up to much but I did make a little change to my life. Around Easter, my previous employer called me and asked me to head back into work, after two months of depression and unemployment. He wasn't sure how long my casual position would last but I was so ecstatic to get back into work and make some money so I could focus on my goals for the year. I think I ended getting my old job back and worked everyday for two months. It felt great to be saving up again.

But then reality kicked in when the boyfriend mentioned that I should move on to a better workplace. So...that's what I did. I'm still doing the same kind of work only for a bigger company with slightly higher pay. I really missed my old co-workers. We built a great relationship and everyday it was just fun. I almost made it a goal to make them laugh, it was always a great atmosphere where I felt safe and comfortable.

In truth, I'm still young and there's still plenty out there for me to do. I'm just settling into this new workplace and I've already made new friends. Oh and I work with both Bach and Bao...24/7 with these boys =_=" too much time together.

The workplace is really fast pace, the other workers and friendly and very helpful and I like the hours so much better since there's likely chances of going home early during the day. Anyway, enough about my boring work life. I just had to put it out there that I made this little change and so far things are slowly falling into place. Wish me luck and that everything goes well!

The boyfriend has decided to spoil me a little this month. I think a little too much. I’m not sure why but I’m having mixed feelings but at the same time I’m super happy and really appreciative that he is doing this much for me. He was so kind to have bought me two pandora beads to add to my second bracelet!
Thanks baby. I love them to bits!! Gorgeous aren't they? I think I'm about to get addicted again..
Last week I entered a giveaway. When I enter a giveaway or a competition I never expect to win. Hell, I don’t ever expect anything in life just so I don’t get disappointed and go into complete depression where I think I’m just useless.

I don’t often win a lot of things but when I woke up from my afternoon nap on Sunday, I received an email from Kerri stating that I was the winner of her Muk Style Stick giveaway. I was literally rolling around in bed happily and almost in tears. I was in shock, but I was so happy!! Like seriously, I won?!

I cannot wait to give this baby a try. I’m so glad that I won this because I think my GHD hair straightener was wanting to go into retirement.

Thank you so much Kerri!! I will cherish this item so much and will put it to great use!!
And here's an awesome pic of my mum and Chelsea
I had a rough week before and suddenly good things just kept rolling in and I don't know why. But I'm thankful that some positivity is being shed on my life for the time being. Keep your head up high, don't let anyone take you down because in the end, it's your choice whether you want to have a good day or a bad one :)

Keep smiling people!

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