13 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Hello all,

How did you spend Mother's day? Did you guys spoil her or at least send her your thoughts, prayers and love? Even though Mother's day is only one day of the year please don't forget to love her unconditionally every other day. Without your mother, there would be no you.

I love and appreciate my Mum so much words can never express. There's never enough words. I ended up buying my Mum a small television for her room. She was so shifty about it. It went something like this...

Me: Mum, would you like a TV for Mother's day?
Mum: No, but if you do buy one may sure it isn't too big.
Me: ...does that mean you want a TV?
Mum: No, but make sure it isn't too expensive.
Me: Do you want a TV or not?
Mum: No, but it would be so cool if you could wall mount it.
Me: Okay, I'll buy you a TV.

My Mum's a troll like that but I love her.

I woke up early on Mother's day and had to head towards the city to do an 8km walk for the Mother's day Classic which is a yearly event which helps support breast cancer. Then we went home to take a nap before feasting on some KFC for dinner. My Mum's simple like that and I loves it.
Dear Mum,

You are awesome. You’re the only rock in my life I will always cherish like a diamond. You are an amazing woman and I will always love you dearly.
I really appreciate every moment of your support, your smile and just knowing how much you are always willing to sacrifice for both Cham and me. A mother’s love is irreplaceable.
I love you. We love you. Always have and always will.
Your (probably forgotten daughter since you now have a grandchild) daughter,

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