19 May 2013

5.5 years and still going

What up.
So today is my 66 monthsary or 5.5 years with the boyfriend. Early in the morning we were just dead tired. He was drunk the previous night and I kept waking up in the middle of the night due to stomach pains. For a Sunday morning we were up so early it was shocking. The moment I hear my parents so chirpy I jump out of bed and rush to the lounge room to see my niece just smiling her head off.
How can you not want to wake up to this cutie?
 We got some fob rolls (as Vietnamese will call it, Banh mi thit or pork rolls). Munched on them, washed the weekly load of clothes and went to dry them. Yeah, so...nothing much happened lol except he took me shopping at Chadstone and I was seriously hoping to shop up a storm and in the end I just pretty much window-shopped, visited Kimu and another friend...had some lunch before heading back home.

He made sure to drop by Clayton so I could pop by the Korean grocery store just so I could buy myself a tub of Kimchi and Chilsung Cider. Best boyfriend ever.
Meanwhile people blow loads and loads of cash for the one that they love...Bach and I are far too simple. Besides, he has spoilt me so much this past month I couldn't possibly ask anything else of him except for some of his time. Just being with him makes everyday worth while.
Six more months until we reach six years of being together. That's a real shock. Six years feels like nothing when you have that special someone with you.

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