26 May 2013

REVIEW: Muk Style Stick 230-IR

Hello there,
Today I'll be reviewing the Muk Style Stick 230-IR. I won this hair iron in a giveaway and thought that I should attempt my own review on this. In all honestly, I've never heard of the brand Muk. I tried to research a bit more but not much information is available although I did discover that Muk solely is dedicated to hair products. Before using this I owned a GHD.
The packaging of the hair iron is very simple and neat. The simplicity of the box really does give off a professional kind of feel and I just love how everything is black and cased in a hard box with a magnet flap.
The iron itself is actually quite lightweight. It has a 3m swivel cord (2.8m for GHDs), which is convenient for those who love using their hair iron for curls and waves. I have two mirrors in my room but the power plug is quite far off, I just love how the Muk Style Stick allows me that little bit of extra freedom to reach my mirrors.
The iron has a digital thermometer as well as buttons for you to adjust the temperature to your liking. The GHD doesn't have this adjusting feature and I think it only goes up to a non-adjustable 180-200°C where as the Muk Style Stick goes up to a maximum of 230°C and it is adjustable! Nifty huh?
This is apparently a infrared sensor on the hair iron to help heat your hair for better results whether it is for curling or straightening.
I had to take a picture of the results. I normally have a gazillion split ends and after using the hair iron...I barely noticed any at all. Not saying that it gets rid of your damaged hair but it makes it look healthy!
After the first use my hair felt immediately soft and despite being burnt with heat it even felt nourished and my hair had extra shine to it. The soft luscious feeling lasted the entire day and even got rid of my frizziness.
What do I think? Well, I used to be GHD all the way and I was honestly sceptical since I've never heard of the brand Muk. But that being said, it completely changed my mind. I think, if you ever have the chance to test one of these babies out, do it. If you're thinking of investing in a good hair straightening iron I would definitely recommend this! It's cheaper than a GHD too! First use or first hair stroke, you won't be left disappointed.

More information: http://mukhair.com/
RRP: $199.95

25 May 2013

Nomnomnom: Little Lamb


Just when I thought I was going to have a quiet weekend to myself the boyfriend tells me we're going out to catch up with his COD Squad. I think they organise a monthly meetup just so we can hang out and try all sorts of restaurants...and I somehow get sucked into going.

Today's lucky pick was: 
Little Lamb on 264 Russel Street, Melbourne   
This is a Hot Pot place in Melbourne CBD. The menu is very small and limited but it is also a self-serve buffet in junction with Korean BBQ. The moment you step into the restaurant it's so mouthwatering and we couldn't wait to dig in. Overall the inside of the restaurant looks clean, small and friendly. They also have an upstairs for more room.
Just for the hot pot buffet it's about $25 per person, drinks not inclusive and if you add in another $4 you get the Korean BBQ package!
What I particularly like about this place in comparision to Xiang Ju Hot Pot House in Glen Waverley is that everything is self-serve. No need to wait for the waiter to serve your portion of food. That's how I like my buffets.
The service of the waiters was generally good since they spoke okay English and understood you. The only problem I seem to have with this restaurant is that despite their fresh vegetable range, I couldn't help but notice some specks of dirt on it. Probably only because they don't thoroughly wash it and that they don't have oyster sauce as a dipping sauce. I think that's why I like Xiang Ju.
But overall, I think Little Lamb is somewhere cosy and nice for a little catch up! Any who, that's all from me. Ciao!
Chelsea says Hi~

19 May 2013

5.5 years and still going

What up.
So today is my 66 monthsary or 5.5 years with the boyfriend. Early in the morning we were just dead tired. He was drunk the previous night and I kept waking up in the middle of the night due to stomach pains. For a Sunday morning we were up so early it was shocking. The moment I hear my parents so chirpy I jump out of bed and rush to the lounge room to see my niece just smiling her head off.
How can you not want to wake up to this cutie?
 We got some fob rolls (as Vietnamese will call it, Banh mi thit or pork rolls). Munched on them, washed the weekly load of clothes and went to dry them. Yeah, so...nothing much happened lol except he took me shopping at Chadstone and I was seriously hoping to shop up a storm and in the end I just pretty much window-shopped, visited Kimu and another friend...had some lunch before heading back home.

He made sure to drop by Clayton so I could pop by the Korean grocery store just so I could buy myself a tub of Kimchi and Chilsung Cider. Best boyfriend ever.
Meanwhile people blow loads and loads of cash for the one that they love...Bach and I are far too simple. Besides, he has spoilt me so much this past month I couldn't possibly ask anything else of him except for some of his time. Just being with him makes everyday worth while.
Six more months until we reach six years of being together. That's a real shock. Six years feels like nothing when you have that special someone with you.

18 May 2013

Vampire Makeup

I've been obsessing over vampires for a while now. No, not Edward Cullen. Just the thought of vampires in general. Perfect porcelain skin. Piercing glares and their somewhat dark mysterious persona as they lick their lips while staring at you. Yum.
See? Kikwang's so yum!!
I've briefly searched on Google Images for vampire inspiration makeup and I've had a few fail attempts. Most of them generally consisted of me looking like I got into a fight and walked out with two panda black eyes. Not the vampire look I was going for. I know it's no way near halloween but finally, I was so bored I decided to have a quick attempt at it one last time.
What do you think? Do my red panda eyes pull off as "vampire-ish"? This makeup look ended up being so much more...easier than I initially thought. I didn't have any fangs to add to the effect but it was fun trialling this kind of look.
Eyes up close, apologise about the image quality.

That's it for now haha

16 May 2013

Positivity keeps the mind healthy

Hey blog, what up.

I haven't been up to much but I did make a little change to my life. Around Easter, my previous employer called me and asked me to head back into work, after two months of depression and unemployment. He wasn't sure how long my casual position would last but I was so ecstatic to get back into work and make some money so I could focus on my goals for the year. I think I ended getting my old job back and worked everyday for two months. It felt great to be saving up again.

But then reality kicked in when the boyfriend mentioned that I should move on to a better workplace. So...that's what I did. I'm still doing the same kind of work only for a bigger company with slightly higher pay. I really missed my old co-workers. We built a great relationship and everyday it was just fun. I almost made it a goal to make them laugh, it was always a great atmosphere where I felt safe and comfortable.

In truth, I'm still young and there's still plenty out there for me to do. I'm just settling into this new workplace and I've already made new friends. Oh and I work with both Bach and Bao...24/7 with these boys =_=" too much time together.

The workplace is really fast pace, the other workers and friendly and very helpful and I like the hours so much better since there's likely chances of going home early during the day. Anyway, enough about my boring work life. I just had to put it out there that I made this little change and so far things are slowly falling into place. Wish me luck and that everything goes well!

The boyfriend has decided to spoil me a little this month. I think a little too much. I’m not sure why but I’m having mixed feelings but at the same time I’m super happy and really appreciative that he is doing this much for me. He was so kind to have bought me two pandora beads to add to my second bracelet!
Thanks baby. I love them to bits!! Gorgeous aren't they? I think I'm about to get addicted again..
Last week I entered a giveaway. When I enter a giveaway or a competition I never expect to win. Hell, I don’t ever expect anything in life just so I don’t get disappointed and go into complete depression where I think I’m just useless.

I don’t often win a lot of things but when I woke up from my afternoon nap on Sunday, I received an email from Kerri stating that I was the winner of her Muk Style Stick giveaway. I was literally rolling around in bed happily and almost in tears. I was in shock, but I was so happy!! Like seriously, I won?!

I cannot wait to give this baby a try. I’m so glad that I won this because I think my GHD hair straightener was wanting to go into retirement.

Thank you so much Kerri!! I will cherish this item so much and will put it to great use!!
And here's an awesome pic of my mum and Chelsea
I had a rough week before and suddenly good things just kept rolling in and I don't know why. But I'm thankful that some positivity is being shed on my life for the time being. Keep your head up high, don't let anyone take you down because in the end, it's your choice whether you want to have a good day or a bad one :)

Keep smiling people!

13 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Hello all,

How did you spend Mother's day? Did you guys spoil her or at least send her your thoughts, prayers and love? Even though Mother's day is only one day of the year please don't forget to love her unconditionally every other day. Without your mother, there would be no you.

I love and appreciate my Mum so much words can never express. There's never enough words. I ended up buying my Mum a small television for her room. She was so shifty about it. It went something like this...

Me: Mum, would you like a TV for Mother's day?
Mum: No, but if you do buy one may sure it isn't too big.
Me: ...does that mean you want a TV?
Mum: No, but make sure it isn't too expensive.
Me: Do you want a TV or not?
Mum: No, but it would be so cool if you could wall mount it.
Me: Okay, I'll buy you a TV.

My Mum's a troll like that but I love her.

I woke up early on Mother's day and had to head towards the city to do an 8km walk for the Mother's day Classic which is a yearly event which helps support breast cancer. Then we went home to take a nap before feasting on some KFC for dinner. My Mum's simple like that and I loves it.
Dear Mum,

You are awesome. You’re the only rock in my life I will always cherish like a diamond. You are an amazing woman and I will always love you dearly.
I really appreciate every moment of your support, your smile and just knowing how much you are always willing to sacrifice for both Cham and me. A mother’s love is irreplaceable.
I love you. We love you. Always have and always will.
Your (probably forgotten daughter since you now have a grandchild) daughter,