30 April 2013

We Ballin'

Kind of not really. Pretty sure I'm broke now.
This almost sums up why..
I'm kidding, I'm not that extreme. But anyway, guess what? On April 19th, it was announced that CNBLUE would hold a second concert in MELBOURNE due to high demand. I had no idea since I was busy...doing something and when Kimu called to tell me...World War III somehow happened over the telephone. Don't worry, it's a regular thing between us lately. We cool. We both agreed to go for VIP seating for the Melbourne concert since we were already going for VIP standing in Sydney!

Ticket sales were happening today at 4:30PM sharp. I was devastated because I had a dental appointment then and I usually finish work at that time. I really wanted to help out and to my luck, I left for home early and ended up cancelling my appointment because let's face it, I wasn't prepared to find out the cost of getting dental braces. The thought already broke my heart.

I got home and hopped on the computer and immediately called Kimu. Just in case we both got into the ticketing system and one of us had the better seating option. Turns out the site crashed on Kimu and I got through and immediately bought the seated VIP tickets for the Melbourne concert! Hells yeah! Saaaaaah happy!! I feel like I'm such a lucky duckling scoring both VIP tickets XD
I am seriously excited to actually be attending both concerts! I also cannot forget to thank JK Entertainment for this awesome opportunity and being able to host a second show in my hometown, Melbourne! I seriously hope there is more to come in the near future!

Are any of you lovely people going to the concert? 
If so, Sydney or Melbourne?


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