14 April 2013

The Handbag Wishlist

Hello lovelies,

Recently, my beloved little Roem shoulder bag that I got from South Korea was dying. It's still hanging by a thread and I was so devastated because it my perfect little bag! But I guess I just overused it :( So lately I've just been browsing the internet for new handbags. I've been looking at unrealistically expensive bags.......that calls for me to save up harder :(

Bag #1 MCM Candy Bag
I've recently become obsessed with MCM. Why? Because it isn't available in Australia at all so I can be sure that no one else I know has it and that's what makes me want it plenty more! They came out with a new line called "Candy Bag" which is endorsed by Girls' Generation's Yoona. I fell in love with the pink one below.
RRP: 535,000KRW ($450AUD)
My god @_@ I'm in love. They are gorgeous pastel colours and I seriously want to get my hands on one. I think because of its simplicity that it sold me. I'm not a big fan of the MCM print everywhere all over the bag and the beautiful bright pink leather, short handles and I'm sure there is an optional shoulder sling as well. I love shoulder sling bags. They come in a lovely variety of colours which include: Coral, Yellow and Mint.

Bag #2 Coach Legacy Leather Candace Carryall
I saw Bach's cousin carrying this Coach bag today at lunch. I was drooling over it. Until I saw the price difference of Australia and the US, I wanted to cry. Again, I was attracted to its colour and simplicity. I think I'm obsessing over pink/coral leather bags lately.
US RRP: $328 / AU RRP: $595
If I happened to get a chance to go to the US this year as I planned to meet my friend Sophia, I'll try and not be cheap or hesitant to buy this bag if I am still in love with it or don't purchase the MCM one first :)

Bag #3 J.ESTINA Soho Shoulder Bag
That little black bag. I just stumbled upon this on the J.ESTINA website and I love how it's small, leather and it has the 24K gold J.ESTINA emblem on it.
RRP: 376,600KRW ($317AUD)
Well, technically I just need a small shoulder sling bag and this looks perfect. Though I'm not sure I'd really want to pay $300 for it LOL. But it's still cute and I just love the J.ESTINA crown emblem!

Links are provided, just click on the image if you want a closer look or browse the web stores. I have to refrain myself from more "online window shopping" before I run off an nag my boyfriend to pitch in for a new handbag since he still owes me for a birthday present haha but I have goals I need to meet this year so I'm gonna try and refrain from any unnecessary spending and save like crazy before I'm gonna allow myself to indulge :)

Which one should I get and which out of the three did you like?

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