28 April 2013

Quite the weekend

So I've been trying to make myself becoming a bit more social. I'm pretty terrible at trying to break my shell and leave the house because I honestly just love the comfort of being home and doing nothing. I've always liked it that way.
Le girls shot!
I caught up with my girlfriends Nhu and Sophy. The previous week they requested that we headed out to Gami Chicken for some beer and chicken because they had always wanted to try it but had nobody to drive and had no idea where it was LOL I was excited for a night in Melbourne city and chicken!
Alocholic Nhu
Adorable Sophy!
The 4L Oak beer!
Bach was so kind to agree to drive us up and back home! I have the most awesome boyfriend ever teehee. Three girls tackling a 4L beer oak. The food was great, company was awesome and I'd do it again soon! I'm sure by the end of the night Sophy and I were tipsy...since we drank the most LOL we ended the night with some Passionflower, popping her first-timer cherry!
Me and the gorgeous Nhu
Us at Passionflower!

Saturday night came about and it was Juan and Tri's joint birthday celebrations. I honestly had about 2 months to debate whether I was going or not. It was a last minute decision that made me want to see Kimu, Julie, Alice and Cat. It's been about a month or so since we'd all been together so I thought, why the hell not?!
Kimu Hime-sama & Me Gongju-nim
With birthday boy, Juan!
As I was getting ready, Bach kept turning around to look at me and warned me not to be picked up by any guys. I laughed. It was cute because at the end of the night he told me that I was really pretty! He rarely tells me I'm pretty...he tells me I'm beautiful when my mouth is shut =__="
Dan, Juan, Kimu & Me
My beautiful Brow, Julie!
Dan, Julie, Me and Birthday boy #2, Tri!
Julie, Kimu & Me
I'm so thankful that Julie offered to drive us up to the venue! It's always a fun adventure when I'm in the car with her. I offered to drive us back if she wanted some happy juice and overall it was a great night seeing these beautiful girls! I'm due for a catch up with Julie this Sunday and can't wait to squeeze her!

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