7 April 2013

Hanging with the Nguyens

What up.

Last week I only just found out that we were invited a family wedding on Bach's side of the family. I only know the few cousins that are my age. I found out that one of his older cousins were getting married and that Bach and Bao had to participate in the traditional wedding.

It's extremely similar to a traditional Cambodian wedding surprisingly, where the groom's side need to give food offerings to the bride's side just without the need sitting for an hour for the monk's blessing. So it was quite interesting but pity I can't understand Vietnamese so I just sat in the corner LOL
Later in the night we had the reception to attend where it was held at the smaller function room at Anabella Receptions in Clayton. The ironic thing was my sister-in-law was invited to a bigger scale wedding at the same reception. If we were a bit bored we'd run over next door and hang with Polly lol. 
Since this wedding was a bit of a last minute thing, in the afternoon we went shopping for a new shirt, cuff links and I managed to snag a new dress from Dotti for only $25! Plus, what girl doesn't enjoy getting all pretty and princess-like?
He wasn't saying hi, just blocking his nephew LOL
With Bach's mum!
It's quite rare that the Nguyen family ever gets together and it was even better with the party atmosphere of a family wedding. His mum and dad would always come by our table to give us plenty of hugs and kisses and even take photos!
Half a lobster! nomm
Bridesmaid Kim!
Meet the Nguyen kids in Bach's family! There me, Bach, Nhan (his nephew), Bao, Quyen (sister-in-law) and Chau! I'm the only Cambodian (._. ) but overall it was a good night spent with his side of the family and can't wait for the next Vietnamese family wedding!

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