2 April 2013

C. N. to the Blue~

As you Australian fans may have heard, CNBlue's Sydney concert was sold out within 25 minutes of ticketing release. In fact, sales went over their estimated margin that people who requested VIP standing and even General seating were knocked into A. Standing due to the high volume in sales. 

Oh yeah, go CNBlue!

I'm happy to say that I'll be going with my bubbu Kimu (xxshinrai). I cannot be thankful enough that she even offered to buy me a ticket to the concert as my birthday present and I was lucky enough to swipe VIP standing tickets huhu ^0^ REALLY KIMU, SANKYU!! I'm poor as hell but hey, it's an extremely rare opportunity for Korean artists to even consider holding a solo concert down under here in Australia. Our flights and accommodation have already been organised and booked. You know I'm actually more excited about going out, eating and singing karaoke with my bubbu! Let's get fat on Korean and Japanese food!

The concert will be held at the Big Top theatre on June 1st. This concert is being organised by JK Entertainment, the same company who organised the Sydney Kpop Festival in November 2011. Can't thank them enough for making Kpop fans, such as myself, happy to finally see Korean idols making their way to Australia for a concert.

Will definitely blog about it when the time comes and sure as hell hope I can take some amazing images to share with you! I'm excited to go and can't wait. I know CNBlue will be awesome!

By the way, anyone else going? ^0^

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