5 April 2013

Another year, another number

What up blog?

I can't believed we've breezed through another year where we've celebrated my birthday. I've just turned 23 last Thursday and no, I don't see how I can feel any different but to tell you the truth yesterday was beautiful!
Card from Sophary
I spent my day at work (Yes, I'm back and working temporarily but I'm so happy to make moniesss). I finished 15 minutes later than usual then got home to Polly cooking hotpot. I love my sister-in-law's hotpot. Seriously it's the bomb!! The boyfriend was on his PS3...how romantic.
Chelsea's red pocket to me
I got quite a bit of birthday money from just within my family and Bach suggested that I keep that aside for my trip to America. Really, I can't thank my family enough for making and organising hotpot just for me! The best gift ever is spending time with my family♥ what made my day that little extra special was the ONLY birthday card I received from the beautiful Sophary!! The cherry on top ^^
Alcoholic boyfriend
The following Friday Bach took me out to dinner and we eventually settled eating at Takumi on Bourke Street. I wanted a nice restaurant and boy did Takumi deliver. Takumi is a classy Japanese restaurant that is similar to a Yakiniku (BBQ Buffet/KBBQ)...and I just LOVE yakiniku so it was so nostalgic to eat there!!
We decided on a Set B course which was $70 and it included:
Takumi Chef Special
Salmon Carpaccio

Main course
Seasonal Cut Vegetables
Oysters & Scallop

Jo Carubi: Rib-eye beef 50g
Jo Tan: Premium Ox Tongue 50g
Jo Rosu: Premium Porterhouse Steak 50g
Miso Soup & Steam rice

Green Tea Ice Cream & Pudding
Top: Premium Rib-eye beef Bottom: Premium porterhouse steak

Oh my god. I was in heaven. I love marbled beef and it just melted in your mouth! I love marbled beef especially when it melts in your mouth. Everything at Takumi, I believed was served to the best quality. Their customer service was excellent. They were always smiling, kind, attentive to your needs and explained the menu and foods in detail. That's nice and class service and I totally enjoyed my first experience.

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