30 April 2013

We Ballin'

Kind of not really. Pretty sure I'm broke now.
This almost sums up why..
I'm kidding, I'm not that extreme. But anyway, guess what? On April 19th, it was announced that CNBLUE would hold a second concert in MELBOURNE due to high demand. I had no idea since I was busy...doing something and when Kimu called to tell me...World War III somehow happened over the telephone. Don't worry, it's a regular thing between us lately. We cool. We both agreed to go for VIP seating for the Melbourne concert since we were already going for VIP standing in Sydney!

Ticket sales were happening today at 4:30PM sharp. I was devastated because I had a dental appointment then and I usually finish work at that time. I really wanted to help out and to my luck, I left for home early and ended up cancelling my appointment because let's face it, I wasn't prepared to find out the cost of getting dental braces. The thought already broke my heart.

I got home and hopped on the computer and immediately called Kimu. Just in case we both got into the ticketing system and one of us had the better seating option. Turns out the site crashed on Kimu and I got through and immediately bought the seated VIP tickets for the Melbourne concert! Hells yeah! Saaaaaah happy!! I feel like I'm such a lucky duckling scoring both VIP tickets XD
I am seriously excited to actually be attending both concerts! I also cannot forget to thank JK Entertainment for this awesome opportunity and being able to host a second show in my hometown, Melbourne! I seriously hope there is more to come in the near future!

Are any of you lovely people going to the concert? 
If so, Sydney or Melbourne?


28 April 2013

Quite the weekend

So I've been trying to make myself becoming a bit more social. I'm pretty terrible at trying to break my shell and leave the house because I honestly just love the comfort of being home and doing nothing. I've always liked it that way.
Le girls shot!
I caught up with my girlfriends Nhu and Sophy. The previous week they requested that we headed out to Gami Chicken for some beer and chicken because they had always wanted to try it but had nobody to drive and had no idea where it was LOL I was excited for a night in Melbourne city and chicken!
Alocholic Nhu
Adorable Sophy!
The 4L Oak beer!
Bach was so kind to agree to drive us up and back home! I have the most awesome boyfriend ever teehee. Three girls tackling a 4L beer oak. The food was great, company was awesome and I'd do it again soon! I'm sure by the end of the night Sophy and I were tipsy...since we drank the most LOL we ended the night with some Passionflower, popping her first-timer cherry!
Me and the gorgeous Nhu
Us at Passionflower!

Saturday night came about and it was Juan and Tri's joint birthday celebrations. I honestly had about 2 months to debate whether I was going or not. It was a last minute decision that made me want to see Kimu, Julie, Alice and Cat. It's been about a month or so since we'd all been together so I thought, why the hell not?!
Kimu Hime-sama & Me Gongju-nim
With birthday boy, Juan!
As I was getting ready, Bach kept turning around to look at me and warned me not to be picked up by any guys. I laughed. It was cute because at the end of the night he told me that I was really pretty! He rarely tells me I'm pretty...he tells me I'm beautiful when my mouth is shut =__="
Dan, Juan, Kimu & Me
My beautiful Brow, Julie!
Dan, Julie, Me and Birthday boy #2, Tri!
Julie, Kimu & Me
I'm so thankful that Julie offered to drive us up to the venue! It's always a fun adventure when I'm in the car with her. I offered to drive us back if she wanted some happy juice and overall it was a great night seeing these beautiful girls! I'm due for a catch up with Julie this Sunday and can't wait to squeeze her!

14 April 2013

The Handbag Wishlist

Hello lovelies,

Recently, my beloved little Roem shoulder bag that I got from South Korea was dying. It's still hanging by a thread and I was so devastated because it my perfect little bag! But I guess I just overused it :( So lately I've just been browsing the internet for new handbags. I've been looking at unrealistically expensive bags.......that calls for me to save up harder :(

Bag #1 MCM Candy Bag
I've recently become obsessed with MCM. Why? Because it isn't available in Australia at all so I can be sure that no one else I know has it and that's what makes me want it plenty more! They came out with a new line called "Candy Bag" which is endorsed by Girls' Generation's Yoona. I fell in love with the pink one below.
RRP: 535,000KRW ($450AUD)
My god @_@ I'm in love. They are gorgeous pastel colours and I seriously want to get my hands on one. I think because of its simplicity that it sold me. I'm not a big fan of the MCM print everywhere all over the bag and the beautiful bright pink leather, short handles and I'm sure there is an optional shoulder sling as well. I love shoulder sling bags. They come in a lovely variety of colours which include: Coral, Yellow and Mint.

Bag #2 Coach Legacy Leather Candace Carryall
I saw Bach's cousin carrying this Coach bag today at lunch. I was drooling over it. Until I saw the price difference of Australia and the US, I wanted to cry. Again, I was attracted to its colour and simplicity. I think I'm obsessing over pink/coral leather bags lately.
US RRP: $328 / AU RRP: $595
If I happened to get a chance to go to the US this year as I planned to meet my friend Sophia, I'll try and not be cheap or hesitant to buy this bag if I am still in love with it or don't purchase the MCM one first :)

Bag #3 J.ESTINA Soho Shoulder Bag
That little black bag. I just stumbled upon this on the J.ESTINA website and I love how it's small, leather and it has the 24K gold J.ESTINA emblem on it.
RRP: 376,600KRW ($317AUD)
Well, technically I just need a small shoulder sling bag and this looks perfect. Though I'm not sure I'd really want to pay $300 for it LOL. But it's still cute and I just love the J.ESTINA crown emblem!

Links are provided, just click on the image if you want a closer look or browse the web stores. I have to refrain myself from more "online window shopping" before I run off an nag my boyfriend to pitch in for a new handbag since he still owes me for a birthday present haha but I have goals I need to meet this year so I'm gonna try and refrain from any unnecessary spending and save like crazy before I'm gonna allow myself to indulge :)

Which one should I get and which out of the three did you like?

13 April 2013

A Friday night out

L/R: Bao, Linh, Tiffany, Bach & Me

Nothing really worth writing about. I thought the filter was pretty and it was an alright night of trying Indian dishes and ending it with some dessert at Passionflower in the wonderful city of Melbourne.

7 April 2013

Hanging with the Nguyens

What up.

Last week I only just found out that we were invited a family wedding on Bach's side of the family. I only know the few cousins that are my age. I found out that one of his older cousins were getting married and that Bach and Bao had to participate in the traditional wedding.

It's extremely similar to a traditional Cambodian wedding surprisingly, where the groom's side need to give food offerings to the bride's side just without the need sitting for an hour for the monk's blessing. So it was quite interesting but pity I can't understand Vietnamese so I just sat in the corner LOL
Later in the night we had the reception to attend where it was held at the smaller function room at Anabella Receptions in Clayton. The ironic thing was my sister-in-law was invited to a bigger scale wedding at the same reception. If we were a bit bored we'd run over next door and hang with Polly lol. 
Since this wedding was a bit of a last minute thing, in the afternoon we went shopping for a new shirt, cuff links and I managed to snag a new dress from Dotti for only $25! Plus, what girl doesn't enjoy getting all pretty and princess-like?
He wasn't saying hi, just blocking his nephew LOL
With Bach's mum!
It's quite rare that the Nguyen family ever gets together and it was even better with the party atmosphere of a family wedding. His mum and dad would always come by our table to give us plenty of hugs and kisses and even take photos!
Half a lobster! nomm
Bridesmaid Kim!
Meet the Nguyen kids in Bach's family! There me, Bach, Nhan (his nephew), Bao, Quyen (sister-in-law) and Chau! I'm the only Cambodian (._. ) but overall it was a good night spent with his side of the family and can't wait for the next Vietnamese family wedding!

5 April 2013

Another year, another number

What up blog?

I can't believed we've breezed through another year where we've celebrated my birthday. I've just turned 23 last Thursday and no, I don't see how I can feel any different but to tell you the truth yesterday was beautiful!
Card from Sophary
I spent my day at work (Yes, I'm back and working temporarily but I'm so happy to make moniesss). I finished 15 minutes later than usual then got home to Polly cooking hotpot. I love my sister-in-law's hotpot. Seriously it's the bomb!! The boyfriend was on his PS3...how romantic.
Chelsea's red pocket to me
I got quite a bit of birthday money from just within my family and Bach suggested that I keep that aside for my trip to America. Really, I can't thank my family enough for making and organising hotpot just for me! The best gift ever is spending time with my family♥ what made my day that little extra special was the ONLY birthday card I received from the beautiful Sophary!! The cherry on top ^^
Alcoholic boyfriend
The following Friday Bach took me out to dinner and we eventually settled eating at Takumi on Bourke Street. I wanted a nice restaurant and boy did Takumi deliver. Takumi is a classy Japanese restaurant that is similar to a Yakiniku (BBQ Buffet/KBBQ)...and I just LOVE yakiniku so it was so nostalgic to eat there!!
We decided on a Set B course which was $70 and it included:
Takumi Chef Special
Salmon Carpaccio

Main course
Seasonal Cut Vegetables
Oysters & Scallop

Jo Carubi: Rib-eye beef 50g
Jo Tan: Premium Ox Tongue 50g
Jo Rosu: Premium Porterhouse Steak 50g
Miso Soup & Steam rice

Green Tea Ice Cream & Pudding
Top: Premium Rib-eye beef Bottom: Premium porterhouse steak

Oh my god. I was in heaven. I love marbled beef and it just melted in your mouth! I love marbled beef especially when it melts in your mouth. Everything at Takumi, I believed was served to the best quality. Their customer service was excellent. They were always smiling, kind, attentive to your needs and explained the menu and foods in detail. That's nice and class service and I totally enjoyed my first experience.

2 April 2013

C. N. to the Blue~

As you Australian fans may have heard, CNBlue's Sydney concert was sold out within 25 minutes of ticketing release. In fact, sales went over their estimated margin that people who requested VIP standing and even General seating were knocked into A. Standing due to the high volume in sales. 

Oh yeah, go CNBlue!

I'm happy to say that I'll be going with my bubbu Kimu (xxshinrai). I cannot be thankful enough that she even offered to buy me a ticket to the concert as my birthday present and I was lucky enough to swipe VIP standing tickets huhu ^0^ REALLY KIMU, SANKYU!! I'm poor as hell but hey, it's an extremely rare opportunity for Korean artists to even consider holding a solo concert down under here in Australia. Our flights and accommodation have already been organised and booked. You know I'm actually more excited about going out, eating and singing karaoke with my bubbu! Let's get fat on Korean and Japanese food!

The concert will be held at the Big Top theatre on June 1st. This concert is being organised by JK Entertainment, the same company who organised the Sydney Kpop Festival in November 2011. Can't thank them enough for making Kpop fans, such as myself, happy to finally see Korean idols making their way to Australia for a concert.

Will definitely blog about it when the time comes and sure as hell hope I can take some amazing images to share with you! I'm excited to go and can't wait. I know CNBlue will be awesome!

By the way, anyone else going? ^0^