15 March 2013

One month already

My niece has just hit her one month mark!

We decided that we weren't going to do anything to celebrate Chelsea's one month but my mother heard from a friend that we should at least do prayers for the little princess. So the night before mum and I went to buy roast pork and duck as offerings to buddha and our ancestors so they'll accept our prayers and bless Chelsea for health and luck for the future.

Polly praying
Chelsea and mummy
 She's already got a special place in our hearts and I think she has the ability to charm everyone. Except I don't think she likes me LOL grunts too much when I hold her...then there's the case where she tries to kick me in her sleep. We're gonna have a fun relationship. She's the first baby since...well, me. So my mum is overly attached and tries to kidnap her every waking opportunity.

Chelsea and grandma
My parents and Chelsea
My dad told me that even when my brother and I were born, he never held us. As newborns he never opted to carry us and given the Chelsea was his first granddaughter, he felt so compelled to hold her. Thanks dad. Me and Cham are totally feeling the love. But other than that, it's a sweet gesture.

Grumpy bum
Anyway, so happy that Chelsea is still growing! Can't imagine what kind of spoilt monster she will become.

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