11 March 2013

Life's a beach

What up?

Edithvale beach
I'm still jobless and useless but I will pick myself up soon. I have amazingly encouraging people in my life and honestly, thank you. My left eye has been twitching and apparently that's a good omen. Only apparently since I've read otherwise BUT I don't care. I know and hope something good will eventually come my way, it's still probably lost in transit or something.

Anyways, I never mentioned that my boyfriend's brother moved into my house about two weeks ago. It's fun but they are a handful. So that's briefly what has been happening in my life. Not exciting at all but I assure you I've been trying to enjoy life.

It's March and supposedly Autumn but we have been having so much heat it's crazy! 32°C+ days (87°F+). I hate Summer!! Bring in the cool chill weather, I like you a lot better! Summer is over and then the boys finally decide that we should go to the beach lolol luckily we went when the weather was nice and cool so I didn't have to roast like a potato. We went to Edithvale for an hour before having to head off to a friend's birthday dinner.

Yummy boyfriend <3
Sunday was Melbourne's Future Music Festival! I gotta say I enjoyed that a heap more than I did with Stereosonic. Music was pumping, weather was good and hello topless boys and hot girls that I never knew existed in Melbourne.

MOTD for Future~
Only picture taken at Future

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