20 March 2013

KPOP: When I get paid, Oops & Just Go

Yesterday I was browsing YouTube because I was in total need of new songs to add to my playlist. I just HAD to share with you as I stumbled upon Prepix's YouTube channel and feel in love with this song the moment it started.

Prepix ft Yang Yoseob (B2ST) - 돈 들어오면 (When I Get Paid)

Oh my god. Seriously my feels are like beyond feeling 'just good'. Yoseob's voice is so soothing and I can seriously feel my heart melting at his vocals. "Baby girl let's fly~ it will be so naiceeee" I know Yoseob is an amazing vocalist but this song, even though he doesn't hit any hard and powerful notes like he does in B2ST songs, you can so tell that he is so passionate about it. Hope you enjoy and love it as much as I do!

G.NA ft Ilhoon (BTOB) - Oops

I'm a fan of G.NA's but I honestly didn't know what to expect of this comeback single since well, I wasn't too fond of her previous "2HOT" and so many sexy teaser images. I get put off when girls focus too much on the "sexy" concept. But she really outdid herself on 'Oops'. It's really nice, mellow and so laid back. I love it. The fact that Ilhoon is a featured rapper throughout the song he adds that little extra zing to it. Maybe not as much swag as JunHyung but I loves it regardless! GO GO GO LISTEN!

By the way, don't you think Ilhoon is like a baby JunHyung? kyaaa he is sooo cute!!

RANIA - Just Go

Another comeback from RANIA. This song isn't too bad. The chorus is catchy. I honestly like "Dr. Feel Good" still LOL but it's nice to finally hear more English in their songs and see their vocal capabilities without their lead vocalist JooYi. They're still sexy in terms of their dance, wish I remembered what the MV was even about haha

Anyways, hope you guys my song choices. I need more music on my playlist so feel free to suggest more!!

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