31 March 2013

Easter Weekend: Mallacoota

How was your Easter weekend spent? I ended up deciding last minute to go on a fishing trip with the two troublesome boys and the lovely couple John & Vivian. They had originally planned to head down to Mallacoota which is about a six hour drive from Keysborough. I can honestly tell you that I really hate long drives. But anyway, Mallacoota is situated near the border of Victoria and New South Wales.

It's a three day fishing trip and despite the long and exhausting drive, I'm enjoying myself. Prior to coming here Bach had bought me a new fishing rod since my previous one broke :( I love it because it's a pink Okuba rod with a sensitive tip so I'll be ready for bites! I managed to catch two fishes already after arriving. I caught just a legal sized Flathead and a small Luderick!

My pink Okuma rod!

Day 2 was an early wake up and also semi successful! John caught 3 legal sized Breams and baby caught a 35cm one too! I managed to catch a baby pinkie but aside from that I wasn't very successful.

Bao's pro fish hooking
Flounder baby caught!
On the third day we managed to book a boat for 4 hours and when around fishing in the lake. It turns out that the spot we normally walk out to promised us more fish bites. John was reeling them in like nothing. Altogether we caught about 4 flatheads, 3 breams and a Luderick.

Overall it was a fun trip! I love the fact that everyday we managed to catch something which made the day a whole lot more exciting!

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