31 March 2013

Easter Weekend: Mallacoota

How was your Easter weekend spent? I ended up deciding last minute to go on a fishing trip with the two troublesome boys and the lovely couple John & Vivian. They had originally planned to head down to Mallacoota which is about a six hour drive from Keysborough. I can honestly tell you that I really hate long drives. But anyway, Mallacoota is situated near the border of Victoria and New South Wales.

It's a three day fishing trip and despite the long and exhausting drive, I'm enjoying myself. Prior to coming here Bach had bought me a new fishing rod since my previous one broke :( I love it because it's a pink Okuba rod with a sensitive tip so I'll be ready for bites! I managed to catch two fishes already after arriving. I caught just a legal sized Flathead and a small Luderick!

My pink Okuma rod!

Day 2 was an early wake up and also semi successful! John caught 3 legal sized Breams and baby caught a 35cm one too! I managed to catch a baby pinkie but aside from that I wasn't very successful.

Bao's pro fish hooking
Flounder baby caught!
On the third day we managed to book a boat for 4 hours and when around fishing in the lake. It turns out that the spot we normally walk out to promised us more fish bites. John was reeling them in like nothing. Altogether we caught about 4 flatheads, 3 breams and a Luderick.

Overall it was a fun trip! I love the fact that everyday we managed to catch something which made the day a whole lot more exciting!

20 March 2013

KPOP: When I get paid, Oops & Just Go

Yesterday I was browsing YouTube because I was in total need of new songs to add to my playlist. I just HAD to share with you as I stumbled upon Prepix's YouTube channel and feel in love with this song the moment it started.

Prepix ft Yang Yoseob (B2ST) - 돈 들어오면 (When I Get Paid)

Oh my god. Seriously my feels are like beyond feeling 'just good'. Yoseob's voice is so soothing and I can seriously feel my heart melting at his vocals. "Baby girl let's fly~ it will be so naiceeee" I know Yoseob is an amazing vocalist but this song, even though he doesn't hit any hard and powerful notes like he does in B2ST songs, you can so tell that he is so passionate about it. Hope you enjoy and love it as much as I do!

G.NA ft Ilhoon (BTOB) - Oops

I'm a fan of G.NA's but I honestly didn't know what to expect of this comeback single since well, I wasn't too fond of her previous "2HOT" and so many sexy teaser images. I get put off when girls focus too much on the "sexy" concept. But she really outdid herself on 'Oops'. It's really nice, mellow and so laid back. I love it. The fact that Ilhoon is a featured rapper throughout the song he adds that little extra zing to it. Maybe not as much swag as JunHyung but I loves it regardless! GO GO GO LISTEN!

By the way, don't you think Ilhoon is like a baby JunHyung? kyaaa he is sooo cute!!

RANIA - Just Go

Another comeback from RANIA. This song isn't too bad. The chorus is catchy. I honestly like "Dr. Feel Good" still LOL but it's nice to finally hear more English in their songs and see their vocal capabilities without their lead vocalist JooYi. They're still sexy in terms of their dance, wish I remembered what the MV was even about haha

Anyways, hope you guys my song choices. I need more music on my playlist so feel free to suggest more!!

15 March 2013

One month already

My niece has just hit her one month mark!

We decided that we weren't going to do anything to celebrate Chelsea's one month but my mother heard from a friend that we should at least do prayers for the little princess. So the night before mum and I went to buy roast pork and duck as offerings to buddha and our ancestors so they'll accept our prayers and bless Chelsea for health and luck for the future.

Polly praying
Chelsea and mummy
 She's already got a special place in our hearts and I think she has the ability to charm everyone. Except I don't think she likes me LOL grunts too much when I hold her...then there's the case where she tries to kick me in her sleep. We're gonna have a fun relationship. She's the first baby since...well, me. So my mum is overly attached and tries to kidnap her every waking opportunity.

Chelsea and grandma
My parents and Chelsea
My dad told me that even when my brother and I were born, he never held us. As newborns he never opted to carry us and given the Chelsea was his first granddaughter, he felt so compelled to hold her. Thanks dad. Me and Cham are totally feeling the love. But other than that, it's a sweet gesture.

Grumpy bum
Anyway, so happy that Chelsea is still growing! Can't imagine what kind of spoilt monster she will become.

11 March 2013

Life's a beach

What up?

Edithvale beach
I'm still jobless and useless but I will pick myself up soon. I have amazingly encouraging people in my life and honestly, thank you. My left eye has been twitching and apparently that's a good omen. Only apparently since I've read otherwise BUT I don't care. I know and hope something good will eventually come my way, it's still probably lost in transit or something.

Anyways, I never mentioned that my boyfriend's brother moved into my house about two weeks ago. It's fun but they are a handful. So that's briefly what has been happening in my life. Not exciting at all but I assure you I've been trying to enjoy life.

It's March and supposedly Autumn but we have been having so much heat it's crazy! 32°C+ days (87°F+). I hate Summer!! Bring in the cool chill weather, I like you a lot better! Summer is over and then the boys finally decide that we should go to the beach lolol luckily we went when the weather was nice and cool so I didn't have to roast like a potato. We went to Edithvale for an hour before having to head off to a friend's birthday dinner.

Yummy boyfriend <3
Sunday was Melbourne's Future Music Festival! I gotta say I enjoyed that a heap more than I did with Stereosonic. Music was pumping, weather was good and hello topless boys and hot girls that I never knew existed in Melbourne.

MOTD for Future~
Only picture taken at Future

6 March 2013

REVIEW: EOS Max Pure Green

Hello there,

It's finally Autumn here in Australia but it's still heating up like it's Summer so booo! Well I may as well get my March archive started with a circle lens review since I've got nothing better to do with my time. So hope it helps :)

I purchased these lenses from: HoneyColor

le side view
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Type: 1 Year Disposal

Direct flash
Comfort: 3/5 ★★★☆☆
They aren't too bad but I can feel them drying up at times so when you wear them you can feel them there on your eyeball and that can be a bit irritating.

Colour: 4/5 ★★★★☆
A tad unnatural but I like it! It isn't too vibrant but enough for it to be noticeable from a distance. There is a thick light black outer ring and a slight gradient towards the centre so they don't make your eyes pop too much. 

Enlargement: 4/5 ★★★★☆
These babies enlarge and they look great with or without eye makeup and lashes.

Overall: 4/5 ★★★★☆
I've previously owned the Max Pure Gray and they were absolutely love and so are these! I really do recommend these lenses but the real downer is the fact that their comfort level isn't the greatest. If you're stuck on which green lenses to buy, these surely won't disappoint!

Without top and bottom lashes 
Taken with my Galaxy Note 2 Front Camera 

All images were taken with Nikon D5000 with SB-700 Flash and untouched for enhancement.