26 February 2013

Chin up buttercup

Well, that kind of explains my moods lately. I've been really down in the dumps. What I failed to tell you was that I don't have a job anymore and that really killed my mood for the past month. Doesn't help when your menstrual period takes place and makes you sink even further into your dwelling darkness. Oh, and there have been tiny factors but I am working on it.

I've tried to pick myself up but only to be slammed with rejection emails and for someone who's confidence is diminishing, it hurt. Really hurts. But what can you do? Life will always be full of ups and downs but you still gotta make the most of it and learn to be happy. I've been dwelling too much and unappreciative of a lot of things. I guess my light of happiness was broken and needed a lightbulb change.

Thanks Julie <3
In order to get me started, Julie sent me this picture. The sweetest, she is and I appreciate her efforts. I have to not dwell on the negatives so I can see all of the positives in life.

Wish me luck and everyone, stay happy!

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