30 January 2013

Herro MIA

What up?

It's been a while since blogging and...I know, I promised a review on the Angelic Eye in Bambi Pink but I just have been crazy busy at work. Even working weekends zz and just until recently I had my friend's engagement party in which I woke up and looked like a crazy cat lady and went straight there to help out before later that evening I just feel über ill.

It's been 3 days since then and I still feel super shitty. Like I pretty much just stay in bed because I'm far too dizzy to handle the outside world. I haven't been working this week and while I have been trying to take it easy on my body, I just can't handle a lot of work, stress or even food for that matter. I just want to KO but then I can't because I'm just so dizzy. wtf, yes it's super lame.

But here's a picture of a healthier me two weeks ago. Even my hurr looked awesomest. Oh, and did you notice I wasn't wearing any makeup besides circle lens, blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner? AND my freckles look imminent! Seems like Meladerm is making some progress on my pigmentation ^^

Anyway, I'll disappear for hibernation for a while. Promise to get that review up once I've recovered and eaten properly.


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