14 January 2013

Badger Weir Creek

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon today and my friends Julie and Duc organized a little get together with the crew to head out to a place called Badger Weir, up in Healesville. I honestly wasn't in the mood for a picnic and park expedition. I just wanted to stay home and rest but Bach insisted that it would be fun and that I need to be more social.

So I went. It was actually quite a relaxing drive up to Healesville. It was probably about an hours drive from the South East area. The entire way up Bach and I were talking about travel plans for this year and then plans about us getting married...I still think I'm too young to get married DX but who knows, could be this year or next. But Bach said the sweetest thing to me, "I'm not obliged to listen to my mum. I'll marry you whenever I want to" and it seems like lately he's been complying with my perks with him. I have an awesome boyfriend, but still it's only sometimes haha

Anyway, we arrived and it was über warm. We managed to find a shady picnic area where we sat and had sandwiches before embarking on our little journey up the creek. An elderly couple that sat by us was kind enough to offer to take a group photo :) bless them!

 After eating we decided to take a cool stroll in the creek. Yes, not beside it...but in it. It was really warm and quite a workout but the water was really refreshing and helped kept us cool. Quite frankly I liked climbing over these rocks better than the ones at Port MacDonell in South Australia. At least I didn't need to freak about falling into a freaking ocean, that's for sure.

All in all, it was a great fun! I needed that little extra vitamin D as well as seeing my friends. I'm such an antisocial bug but it turned out to be a really great day.

All images were taken with a Nikon D7000.

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